Natural Nether Portals 1.12.2

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And I'm back with a new Vanilla-style mod

This time I bring you Portals Naturally Spawning.

It's a really simple mod, and it's pretty useful

  • You've got lost in the nether but you found some obsidian and a flint and steel in a Nether Fortress? Oh look, a broken nether portal. Let's fix it up and get back to the overworld!

  • You got tired of exploring for thousands upon thousands of blocks to find that damn Jungle? Try out your luck by finding an activated nether portal in the nether and then find out you got really unlucky by spawning on a huge ocean.

  • You're exploring the overworld and you find a broken nether portal? That's pretty cool! (configurable to be full and lit as 1.0.1)

Configurable Things

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Any idea for a new configurable option is welcome!

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