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First of all, /duel doesn't work and the console commands don't work too. Secondly, this plugin for some reason edits every .jar file on the same server. There would be no reason to do that unless it has some kind of malware which spreads. Avoid downloading. Even if you want a leaked strikepractice version its not worth putting malware into your server + /duels and /sprac console commands don't work
Hello, the /sprac command in console isn't working because the user ID is removed (so the plugin does not disable), and for /duels the only possible issue could be for the plugin itself. You can report the bugs on original SpigotMC StrikePractice site, and not leaving a bad review on my resource without contacting me on discord in the first place.
how to use method? pls help
Leak the plugins placeholder please (all placeholder)
Doesn't work fix the problems then i'll raise
Working fine on 1.19
It works and has no virus thanks for the update.
Okay you should be updated to 6.8.11
we need an update for 2.0.4 please
It's working fine. Don't leave false reviews.