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By WifiSpy on Oct 22, 2020 at 9:37 PM
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    Jesus fucking CHRIST! I cannot believe today is the FINAL debate between Trump and Joe Childsniffer. I think Trump has little to gain, and Childsniffer has a LOT to lose.
    In other news, I'm getting pretty pumped up about Christmas time because Sir Paul McCartney just announced that he is releasing 'McCartney III', a quarantine inspired self recorded album to finish of his trio of self titled albums. As a Beatles fan i'm getting pretty nerdy about it. I just recently got a VR headset (rift S). Do any of you guys have VR? I've been thinking of getting into VRChat maybe we could form like a bit of a blackspigit VR meet up. I hope that my websites are helping ease the burden of this stressful quarantine. I know times are tough for all of you. Make sure to reach out in the comments if you have VR and want to meet up with WIFISPY!


Discussion in 'Resource Requests' started by WifiSpy, Oct 22, 2020.