1. S

    MAP PewDiePie's Minecraft World

    PewDiePie's Minecraft World
  2. X

    SCHEMATICS Deleted

  3. TheLastShadow


    Incredible small lobby with a Japanese theme, you can use it as a waiting lobby, authlobby, or as you prefer. ✧ 30X30 SIZE | Land not too big and not too small ✧ HIGHLY DETAILED | The area is very well detailed, trees, trail, and more. ✧ AFFORDABLE PRICE | Very accessible and cheap price...
  4. Bella_Delphine

    Village Island Ship Schematic (Bought At $1.99)

    Village Island Ship Schematic Lobby
  5. H


  6. H


  7. B

    Japanese Seasonal Hub Bundle! 4 600x600 spawns for just $7.50!
  8. Xylo

     4 Seasons Lobby | Fantasy Kingdom Islands | 1.0

    Leaked by Xylo#6969 4 Seasons Lobby | Fantasy Kingdom Islands | Price: € 3.99 Includes: Lobby / Spawn Area Islands Houses and Towers Places for 5 NPCs Download: The download folder is in .zip In the folder is Schematic for each Version - Before loading the schematic: /gamerule...
  9. Z

    INVALID FORMAT Medieval Server Spawn

    can any1 leak this? like am i rly only one who wants this beautiful map?
  10. Y

    FREE WaterMC Lobby + Maps PvP Builds

  11. dropdime


    We Request the Predators in here to lay a helping hand on us mere mortals. If we could get our hands on this specific map without spending money at the moment. If anyone has it and feels like sharing it we'd absolutely apreciate it. Love you babies. Reason: For Personal Use Cheers
  12. Mr5ecret

    SCHEMATICS ❄️[FREE] [Pack] | 4x Lobby (Seasons: Christmas, Summer, Autumn, Spring) ❄️

    Includes: • Spawn • Places for 5 NPCs • Square • Flying dragon • Village, some houses have an interior Dimensions: One lobby: 150x150 All lobbies in .schematic folder: 330x330 Leave rating and leave comment if u like it, it keeps me posting new maps and resources!
  13. D

    (REQUEST) ❄️ [Pack] | 4x Lobby (Seasons: Christmas, Summer, Autumn, Spring) [€ 2.49] ❄️

    ● Name of the plugin you want: ❄️ [Pack] | 4x Lobby (Seasons: Christmas, Summer, Autumn, Spring) [€ 2.49] ❄️ ● Spigot Link: ● Price: €2.49 ● How it would contribute towards the betterment of the community: This is a beautiful and necessary all lobby...
  14. I

    SCHEMATICS HolyGuard lobby

    Leaked HolyGuard lobby
  15. ParasxosGamer

    SCHEMATICS KitPvP, BuildUHC FFA - Schematic

    The schematic is 7503366 blocks so please use FastAsyncWorldEdit.
  16. S

    FREE InPvP Mineville - Haunted High Map Schematic

    Ripped from the InPvP Mineville Bedrock server, schematic is for Java edition. Schematic is 2,088,704 blocks + 8 entities. If you are gonna //paste this schem with WorldEdit, make sure to run these before doing so: //perf validation off //perf neighbors off Also, if 0 entities get pasted, try...
  17. ReiO

    SCHEMATICS Pearl Bay Fortress

    Hi, I am here today, to give you a free schematic download! Its epic Fantasy build, that can be used as lobby/hub, minigame map or just decoration! Just click download, complete few steps on *********** and then download the schematic! You will need a software to access the schematic in...
  18. ReiO

    MAP ArcadeWars.Net Free Premium Lobby

    Hi, I am here today, to annoy you with another post :D This time I got you free download for lobby! Just click download, complete few steps on *********** and then download the file! Unzip it, put it in your saves folder (Yep, I am a moron and it is not a schematic but a world)...
  19. L

    SCHEMATICS Medieval Tower

    Medieval tower from one of JeraCrafts video. its a small detailed tower for your medieval villages - check Discussion