SkyGiants Minigame - [SkyGiants1058] 0.9.4

WebStats, Bungee Mode, Mini & Normal SkyGiants, Multi Maps, Statistics, and much more!

  1. WifiSpy
    This plugin requires ProtocolLib for the borders and Java 8.

    Want to test the plugin before buying it?
    Join the test server:

    Community servers:


    This plugin hasn't got multi-arena support
    Easy Setup, it takes 5 minutes
    Teams of 2 or 6 players
    Multi maps with vote gui & command
    No-Flicker scoreboard
    Spectate system with gm 0/3
    3 default languages (en, ro, it)
    Web stats interface included
    Rank preffix & suffix support


    WebStats Interface


    More ss here:

    Need help?
    Live support on discord.

    First of all, download the plugin and ProtocolLib and put them in your plugins folder. Restart the server and put your maps in the server's directory. Now join the server and type /sgs and follow the setup as shown on the chat. Go into you server's folder and open bukkit.yml, and set autosave to -1. (autosave: -1).

    Config example:
    Language file demo:
    WebStats Interface:
    Download maps:
    Game join signs:

    For players:
    /vote <id> - vote a map
    /recall - return to the base
    /leave - leave the game
    /givegold - give gold to teammates

    For admins:
    /sgs - the main setup command, for ops
    /forcestart - permission: skygiants.forcestart
    /forcemap <id>
    - permission: skygiants.forcemap

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