Where can I locate voice over jobs the easiest?


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Sep 12, 2022
Describe Covoco

Covoco is a platform that links clients and creators wishing to add voice to their works with voice performers from across the world. Voiceover artists can use it to develop profiles that showcase their skills rather than merely who they are and freely distribute them to hundreds of clients. If you're wondering where all these voice overs go, the platform doesn't favour any certain industries or groups of people.

You will almost certainly be aware of where and how your voice will be utilised before taking on a project because it can be used in video games, announcements, on-hold messages, etc. Alok Bhat started Covoco in 2017 with the goal of making it as simple as possible for clients to identify, hire, and work with voice talents. The business now takes satisfaction in having introduced tens of thousands of new and returning customers to some of the top voiceover artists in the world.

Covoco: Is It Real?

It is legal for voice actors to sell their voices online through Covoco. It has an 80 percent credibility rating on ScamAdviser, a reputable site credibility checker, and a TrustPilot trust score of 3.8 out of 5. Covoco has been in existence since 2017, and during this time the company's owner has maintained ownership of the domain name. Of course, using a website for yourself and reviewing your experience is the greatest method to determine whether it is a fraud. But if you don't have the time or the energy, you can always rely on user reviews posted online to help you make a choice.

Reviews for Covoco have largely been favourable. The majority of the bad reviews I came across lacked consistency or were echoed elsewhere, and they seemed to stem from voice actors and clients who had unrealistic expectations. Although Covoco has shortcomings like any other platform (which we'll explore later), it generally delivers on its promises, which establishes its legitimacy.

Can Covoco Actually Help You Find Voiceover Work?

Although Covoco may not have as many tasks as more general platforms like Upwork or Fiverr, you might have a higher chance of finding work here if you specialise in voiceovers. According to Covoco, artificial intelligence is used to match clients and job seekers. This means that how well your profile is set up will influence your potential to find jobs on the site.

The majority of other platforms allow users to explore an unsorted pool of tasks, which may give the impression that they have more clients or work available. Covoco reduces the amount of effort required to locate a job by providing possibilities that are most pertinent to your skills. I looked online to see if I could locate reviews from people who had really found job on Covoco for good measure, and my presumptions were confirmed. Despite not appreciating Covoco's pay scales, Danny from the UK thought the website was a good location to discover work and develop a portfolio.

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