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    To apply please leave your discord name & ID (all four numbers!) on this thread with a brief bit of information as to who you are, what position you want, and why you are applying. We will CONTACT YOU!!

    Example : WifiSpy/Dyu#5504 , I am applying for the role of developer because I love blackspigot and want to help you guys out! I am very experienced!

    Positions :

    -3 devs
    -3 builders
    -3 admins

    -3 moderators
    -2 helpers

    Qualifications for developer :
    -Must know how to setup, work with, and configure plugins.
    -Must have some sort of pixelmon experience
    -Must be
    knowledgeable in sponge

    Qualifications for builder
    -Must be
    knowledgeable in worldedit & preferably voxel
    -Must know how to build without worldedit
    -Builders will go through a build test & good ones will be hired

    -Qualifications for admin
    -Must have a donator rank here on blackspigot or be well known in the community
    -Must have some administrative

    -Must be over 16

    -Qualifications for moderator
    -Must have some activity on blackspigot
    -Must be willing to learn
    -Must be older than 14

    -Qualifications for helper
    -Must be willing to play constantly
    -Must be willing to learn
    -Must be atleast 13

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Discussion in 'News & Announcements' started by WifiSpy, Jul 10, 2018.

    1. diamondmrpiggy
      Position: HELPER
      Age : 13
      Discord Tag: Mcpluto#1525
      Time Zone: EST/Eastern Stander Time
      Reason: I Have Been on BlackSpigot for a while and want to do more than wait for a person to post a leak server. So i want to do more and help people on the server and i want to be more active.
      I Can Give 5-6 Hours a Day on Monday-Fri. Sat-Sun 2-3 hours a day
    2. JakeFordo_
      Position: Admin or Dev
      Age: 18
      Discord Tag: JakeFordo_#9573
      Time Zone: EST
      Experience: Owned 6 servers, currently own one so I know a lot about plugin configuration. Not the most knowledgeable in Sponge but can learn quickly, as I am very knowledgeable in Pokemon, Pixelmon, and Spigot. Been staff on plenty of servers and am very professional when it comes to the management of a server. Once staff on the Oblique Pixelmon server (The server of the Pixelmon Reforged Dev). If you'd like to know more please fill free to message me.
    3. Landon

      Age: almost 16 (a few weeks)
      Discord: Landon#7478
      Timezone: CST
      Playing Time: 4-7 hours a day

      About Me
      I have been apart of blackspigot for a while now. I am dedicated to it because I have purchased donor ranks and have even given premium plugins to WifiSpy. You can check my going to our discord conversation. I have all three donator ranks and I have posted plugins for the community. I have owned my server for four years and I am experienced enough to know how to handle situations with unruly players. This server had an average of 30-50 and even 80 players one month. I have also been Developer on several other servers but I wouldn't want to Develop on here. I would like to become an Admin because I feel that I have the experience that is needed. I know how to handle every situation that an Admin might face. I also have experience managing lower staff (from my server). I also know how to manage or setup discords if the server has one of those. I can also manage bots that are on there such as Mee6 or Dyno. If I do not qualify for Admin, I totally understand, however if that is the case, I would also like to apply for Mod.
    4. amirrezab
      Im Dead_Light (amirreza :) )
      position: Dev or Admin
      Discord: Dead_Light#8445
      TimeZone: IRST (Tehran)
      Playing Time: SomeDays 1-2 and some 3-4
      and about me...
      ok. soo im iranian people.(i dont know do you like iranian people or not) i worked in 6 Iranian Minecraft Servers and now i work in one of best iranian servers (this is ip: (its under build and soon have better gamemodes (becuse its just 1 week runned...)) and soo i like to help :) if u need a Developer or Co-Developer or Admin :\ you can Msg me In Telegram: @Dead_Ligh7 or You Can Send ME a Message on Discord..
      so i love your site because i always download premium plugins for my server :DDD its cool..(remember iranian people most turn on anti filter or use proxys to connect to your website pls fix that pls iranians are very like this site (too many iranans are use this site)sorry for i catch your time.. End.
    5. Miner
      Position: Moderator
      Discord Tag: miner28_3#2497
      Age: 15
      Timezone: CET/CEST
      About me: I've been mod/Admin on many servers, few times i've been even helping some people to setup the server and plugins, but this time i want just to be mod but if needed i can sometimes help with plugins :) For some time i was even Admin on popular Czech server(500-1000 people always online) but then i left the Admin team because of kids being in it. Now i have much free time and could be on server 1-4 hours daily.
    6. TheDragonKnight
      13yo/14yo/16yo o_O funny
      i was thinking to apply but i think being 34yo with bscs isnt a 'thing' at all
      good luck for everyone..

      Id play this Pixelmon would be good some MTG format one day :p
    7. XiXDev
      JoValle aka Socker#8777 I'm a experienced guy in the Theme Sponge and Pixelmon and so i would like to apply to the developer rank!
      My RealName is Valentin and i'm from Germany and yea i'm really experienced with Plugins off all sorts!
      Sorry for bad English
    8. g0dz
      g0dz/FeLgen#7555 , I am applying for admin, I have previous experience with being an admin, dont worry. I can show you.
    9. Screensharer
      Position: Moderator
      Age: 15
      Discord: zyeb#2029
      Timezone: CEST (Italy)
      Playing Time: 5-8 hours a day

      I owned many private pixelmon servers for youtubers and I have the necessary experience to be a part of this pixelmon server.
      I will perform my actions on the server, perform tasks and implement these tasks together with the team. I will develop and grow with you. Your project is ideal for me, and I will do everything (within the limits of decency ) for its prosperity! I can be useful, because I have a great desire to work on your project, which means that the work will be done efficiently! I have a lot of good skills and abilities that can distinguish me from others, I hope that through my efforts I can benefit your server.
      Thanks for reading.
    10. Pabs_b
      Age: 18
      Discord: Pablo#2527
      Time zone: CDT
      Activity per day: 2-8 hours depending the day and school year.
      Position applying for: Developer or Administrator.
      Experience: I have been an Administrator on servers ranging from HCF to KitPvP to Prison servers. I ran my own network for 2 and a half years that had an average of 200 players on at any time of day. I am very knowledgeable in plugin configuration and plugin setup. I also ran a pixel on server 2 years ago for a while. I love doing plugin configuration and administration. I’ve been doing configuration and administrative work since Jume 2014. I like to help out servers and help them grow and succeed. Any chance I can get to help out and make an experience for a community superbly better and enhance it I got for it. I am Ultimate and Supporter rank on here and I do oversee serveral discord’s related to Minecraft. I am a versatile learner as well so any deeper knowledge of Sponge required I can do so with ease.
    11. Ianniz
      Position : Administrator
      Age : 19 in 2 days
      Discord : #1488 (Copy paste it cuz of special font)
      Timezone : UTC +3

      Reason I'm applying : Since its summer now and I just got back to minecraft since theres nothing else to do, I'd like to spend my time on something thats actually interesting and requires my attention. Was thinking of starting playing pixelmon couple weeks ago and this is the perfect change to play on it and show my skills. Started playing minecraft in 2011 and since then I've helped in over 400 servers , maybe more. I'm a fun guy, easy to talk to , very friendly and pretty experienced when it comes down to Admin work. I was ranked as the 4th best greek minecraft player back in 2012 when the best server at that time ( was a greek one ) , hosted an event to find the best player ( event took around 10 hours to finish ).
    12. manhulk10
      Hello, I'm Josip and I'm 16 years old. I will apply for builder, I want this role because I am experienced at building and I was building in mc for last 5 years. I worked for a lot of servers but now I'm here to help you. I have a lot of pictures of past builds and I am able to do build test with or without w/e. I know every command of w/e and still trying to learn all of them for voxel. My discord is Josip#7220

      Thank you for taking your time to read this, :
    13. itswizzard
      POSITION: Moderator / Helper
      Age : 16
      Discord Tag: Teeqo#2608
      Time Zone: UTC / Coordinated Universtal Time
      For a while I'm a blackspigot user, blackspigot is useful for players / developers / new open servers for downloading plugins / configurations. Blackspigot give players a new pool of resources that can not be accessed through other resources. My reason why I want to become a member of the Blackspigot administration is that I want to give the configuration / instructions to the resourses they want. I know that some players are looking for a resource that does not exist on blackspigot / resources, so I might find the required resource and place it under Resources. My answer to "Must be willing to learn" is that I quickly learn and I do not have the trouble to follow the instructions of the responsible / administrator.
      Blackspigot members are sometimes expressed as lousy tongue / cursing. This could be bypassed by the warnings of the competent or member of the administration.
      I will be happy to become a member of blackspigot administration!
      Blackspigot will grow over summer holidays and expand the community.
    14. krko123krko
      Age : 16
      Discord Tag : CosTing#2871
      Time Zone : UTC
      Reason Becuae i really want to work with community and learn some more stuff here i would like to apply for moderator.I want to really work hard to this website
    15. ReVamped16
      Position: Administrator or Moderator
      Age: 20
      Discord: Zyrex;3#2794
      Timezone: Eastern Time (US & Canada)
      Playing Time: 5-8 Hours ( Monday - Friday )
      8-10 Hours ( Saturday - Sunday )
      Past Experience: About two years ago, there was a thriving pixelmon server called "Rc-Gamers Pixelmon". It was almost number one for best pixelmon server on I was staff on one of their roleplay servers, kanto. After being moderator for almost a year I was added onto the build team for Kanto 2.0. I kept my position as moderator due to work and school. Once I freed up time I was fully back at it and I was striving to reach that prestigious admin rank. After a month I was finally promoted to Head-Mod. Due to lack of server funds after a good two year run, kanto was sadly shut down and I was forced to resign as the other servers had already filled up their staff positions.
      Reason for applying: With my prior experience I am more than certain I perfectly fit one of these rolls. Abiding to the rules and making sure it's upheld at all times will be my specialty. I'm extreme reliable when it comes to questions and user help. I'd like to say that with my past of helping people and my willingness to progress is what really pushed me further with Rc-gamers and I am more than sure I can out perform that I did with rc-gamers.
    16. DerpyTnT
      Position: Developer

      Timezone: Central Time (Chicago US)
      Availability: Normally 9-10 Hrs (All Days)

      Past Experiences: I played Minecraft for 7 yrs now when my dad bought me Minecraft, Since then I've made my own server with my own codes, Set up a modded server with my own codes, Coded my own plugins with my own techniques, Learned everyday about Coding (Java, Java Script, C++, PHP,Python, C, C#, etc.) I really like editing plugins and recreating them. I always make plugins but never put them online, just for my server to use. Since now I've kept on playing with new various types of coding, and really wanted to make a big step into making a game by myself. It sounds crazy but I'm 60% done on it and so far graphics are the best. But you not here to see that, anyways I have so much experiences with coding languages and binary for a fact. I used sponge before on my "Modded Server" I always make modifications on my sponge server I had that server for almost 3 years now.I played with my friends on a Pixelmon server that I also made we learned all the assets of the game. We kept on playing it until now because Pixelmon. I also learned some techniques in Pixelmon and on sponge to make it better (On sponge) like less lag and that kinds of things. On my regular server when I was just starting out as a newbie to coding I wanted to learn by myself so I didn't look up tutorials on how to setup plugins, instead I learned by myself and going through trail and error. Eventually I got it to work and I've become very interested with it.

      Reason For Applying : I'm really wanted to help other people boost there servers up with my knowledge of plugins,coding and etc. I also really enjoy playing Pixelmon and hope to make new friends along the way. I really thing that I can help approve the server (Even thought its already good. ) I just want to have a chance of using my knowledge for other people besides myself.

      - Sincerely DerpyTnT
    17. qtChan
      qtChan#3447 , I am applying for any role. I don't really need to explain stuff... The other way, you "WifiSpy" Already know me <3 But if you need more info just DM me
    18. diamondmrpiggy
      +1 Good Love it hope U get the Mod or Admin
    19. itswizzard
      Position: Moderator / Helper
      Age: 16
      Discord: Teeqo#2608
      Timezone: UTC / Coordinated Universtal Time

      As a member of the blackspigot community, I would like to apply for a member of the administration at Pixelmon Server, as I always like to say when I'm working on a server, is that I enjoy what I do and never get bored, as now the summer holidays were It was 3+ hours more active and there are no bigger issues about it, It's not a problem to follow the instructions of a competent administrator, and I would like to learn things I do not know right now. In the conversation with the administration I am office and happy to talk to the players and members of the administration. On the server if needed I will try to fix it and report the bug / glitch developer to fix it, I know the server supports the hacks, how I understand no problem If you can not use the SS / SL protocol, it is not difficult to explain it and I would be glad to become a member of blackspigot administration!
      I'm sorry, but I have misplaced the report, I hope you do not mind!
      Blackspigot will grow over the summer, and extend the community

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