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  2. gg28

     ❗️ RARE ❗️⭐BITAC ⭐ (✨the skid empire srikes back✨) B11

    nulled ver soon, pasted from shit ton of stuff (AHM, Grim, Medusa, Hawk, Hades, Overflow, Verus, Etc)
  3. D

    FREE FeatherBoard 2022-09-30

    Tested Minecraft Versions: 1.7 1.8 1.9 1.10 1.11 1.12 1.13 1.14 1.15 1.16 1.17 1.18 1.19 Languages Supported:Configurable in language files Price has 21% VAT included according to EU regulations. This description page provides a basic overview of the selling points of the plugin. For more...
  4. F

    MAP Lobby

    The FoxCraft Lobby NOTE: If link doesnt work try again later. NOTE: This Map is for 1.12.2 and breaks in 1.8
  5. N!woo

    SRC AtomSpigot - A brand new 1.8 & 1.18 optimized Fork! - Included AntiCrash, AntiVPN, Captcha and more. 1.4.0

    AtomSpigot LEAK - A brand new 1.8 & 1.18 optimized Fork for FREE ! In this update you can see below all that has been updated: - Huge Optimization reduced AtomSpigot Jar ━ Fixed MySQL Bug ━ Optimized TileEntitySign ━ Added LATEST Log4j ━ Added Leaves Decay Event [Enable / Disable] ━ Added...
  6. N

    FREE KRK-Systems LTD Anticrash 1.8.X - One of the best AntiCrash for Minecraft Server v4.0

    It's a free minecraft packet-based AntiCrash & AntiExploit plugin for your spigot server which blocks every client crashers like Jigsaw, Jessica, YSK, BlazeClient, Meta Client, Eazy Client, Gas Client, Reaper, Remix, Drop and much more!
  7. gg28

     ❗️ SOURCE ❗️⭐FROZENORB HYDROGEN ⭐ (✨Ranks, Server Management, Etc✨) 2022-08-02

    FrozenOrb Hydrogen Rank Core. Requires API On My Profile.
  8. uhhMAD.

     🖱️ 7Clicker FIXED | Undetected AutoClicker | good for BedWars / SkyWars / Bridging 🖱️ 1.2-FIXED

    7Clicker is one of the most popular AutoClickers out there. But it was bugged and the GitHub version didnt work so I uploaded a fix so you can use it again
  9. dawey9999

     Jigsaw Client 1.8 | FREE DOWNLOAD 1.0

    Jigsaw Client 1.8 | FREE DOWNLOAD What was Jigsaw? Jigsaw was a Minecraft hacked client, revolutionary at its time. It could switch between a ghost client and a normal client, and was the first client with infinite reach.
  10. Vlogotakux

    Bedwars1058 - Private Games - 1.1.1

    Please note updates are going to be soon with new amazing features. Addon for the BedWars1058 plugin, which allows players with specific permission to create BedWars private games and play with their friends or party members. This addon works with parties, It allows party owners to change...
  11. gg28

    FREE ⭐Nutella HCF⭐(✨Lunar Waypoints, DTC, KoTH, Etc✨) 0.0.2

    WindowsEight Scammer & Skidder Proof:
  12. gg28

    FREE ⭐MineXD Plugins, MineXD Spigot & Backend API ⭐ (✨Ranks, Server Management, Etc✨) 1.0

    Enjoy, idk where i even got this shit lmao -------------------------------------------------------- Includes: - CoreXD (Rank Core) - Source (Server Management Core) - Cubed (qLib Ported To Kotlin) - CoreXD Backend API (Provides Data To CoreXD) - MineXD Spigot (Spigot Fork Used On MineXD) - Rift...
  13. gg28

     mSpigot 2022-07-28

    guardian anticheat be built into this shit ass spigot lmao
  14. GeleakteServersystem


  15. F

    Delete this

  16. S

    (REQUEST) Who can give premium mythicmobs

    If you have premium version of mythicmobs pls attach it here
  17. TheCounter

    FREE 🐉Fenix Airdrops🐉 | 🪐 Astro Operations 0.2-BETA

    👉 If you have a plugin to null contact me on discord TheCounter#2901 🚀 Download link without ads :
  18. M

    Iris World Generator 1.18 - 1.19 This world generator is completely open source. I just saw a post on here that will only allow you to download this plugin if you have a membership. Blackspigot is trying to scam people into getting a membership for...
  19. S


    Hi, I have just started working my Events server on the network and there is couple plugins that I need and hopefully you can give me those. Kix's Chat Games ...
  20. Aldo


    PRACTICE SETUP | +30 KITS - +100 ARENAS - PREMIUM MATCHES - CUSTOM MENU - TAGS [ENGLISH/SPANISH] files leak SERVER SUPPORT LANGUAGE ENGLISH & SPANISH!!! If you are interested in acquiring the language in Spanish, contact us at our support discord IF YOU ARE INTERESTED IN ACQUIRING THE...