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  1. ~Adrift~

    OPEN Suggestion: Garry's Mod / GMOD Forum section

    A very big leak site known as codefodder has gone down and there are several shitty sites like nulled bb and if there's a free forum for garry'smod addons like what BlackSpigot is I feel it would bring a lot of people to the site. I can also release a bunch of resources under that forum as well :D
  2. ~Adrift~

    AWAITING UPDATE Cluescrolls, 1.14

    Name of the plugin you want updated: Cluescrolls Spigot Link: BlackspigotMC Link...
  3. ~Adrift~

    (DONE) EpicAnchors

    Name of the plugin you want updated: EpicAnchors Spigot Link: BlackspigotMC Link: Why should we update this plugin: It's fairly cheap and...
  4. ~Adrift~

    OPEN Suggestion: Leak plugins for Garry's Mod! (Other games, too) - Is that how you tag? It's been a while. A year, perhaps, since I've last been on this site. I've moved on to other games and I feel a lot of other people have too. I get it's black -spigot- but I feel maybe a section for Garry's Mod content? I have a lot of addons I'd be willing to...
  5. ~Adrift~

    AdvancedEnchantments - Make your own shet

    Name of the plugin you want : AdvancedEnchantments Spigot Link : Price : 6 EURO How it would contribute towards the betterment of the community : hot diggy dawg you can...
  6. ~Adrift~

    PLEASE CLICK! I've started making music!

    So, I've recently started making music. Check out my first and latest song! :D
  7. ~Adrift~

    CLOSED Build-in-a-box Recoded

    Name of plugin you want: Build in a box Recoded Spigot Link: Price: 5 USD Why you want it: It would be an awesome addition for players to collect builds from other players or even win a new house from a voting crate! I can do...
  8. ~Adrift~

    CLOSED PermissionTimer Request

    Name of plugin you want: PermissionTimer Spigot Link: Price: 12.73 USD Why you want it: Because my players want it! I was looking for a good permission timing plugin but this was the only one I found. :( Why you deserve it: It's not...
  9. ~Adrift~


    Hello, my name is Jay. I recently tried to download the fuedalism plugin through this website, and the owner knows I did and has messaged me. (See attached screen shot) and I am almost 100% sure this is fake about the owner of fuedalism being who he says and able to delete all server files, but...