BlackSpigotMC Resource Rules

- Ranked users (Ultimate/Supporter/Trusted) are not allowed to give non-ranked users resources from their respective sections. This will warrant a PERMANENT BAN.


- Stealing a resource from our site, and uploading it on a competing site will result in a PERMANENT BAN. 


- Owning or being staff on a competitor site will get you banned.


- Do not upload malicious content or malware or deleting server files (e.g plugin injected) in resources. Doing so will result in a PERMANENT BAN.


- Uploading Copyrighted/Leaked content is allowed but it may be removed by BlackSpigotMC staff without warning.


- Posting resources that advertise or sell products will result in the thread being taken down and punished.


-Falsely reporting content will result in punishment after several offenses. Do not report a thread saying it needs to be updated.


- Posting a resource with multiple ad-links will result in the thread being deleted. Always try to provide a direct download link.


- Reviews should not be used to judge a resource's features. It would only be used to review whether the resource works or not.


- Do not post a negative review on a resource, asking for an update. If the plugin works for the version that is meant for, it should receive a positive review.


- Do not ask for updates in reviews, it will trigger a warning, upon receiving 3 warnings, you will lose ability to review resources.


BlackSpigotMC Forum Rules


Swearing is allowed as long as it is not excessive or used in a; Racist/Homophobic/Intolerant way.



Advertising is allowed in the PROPER SECTIONS, however, if you advertise with the intent to move users to a competing platform (Discord Included), you will receive a PERMANENT BAN.



Spamming to increase post count or just to annoy is STRICTLY PROHIBITED. and will result in a 15-day ban, and a 30-day ban for every offense after.



Any and all abuse of the report system will result in losing the ability to report. This is the same with review misuse. A total of 3 warnings will be given out before the ability to report will be taken away.


Profile Page:

Do NOT request resources on user's profile page.
Use Resource Requests or Update Requests sections with the right format.

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    May 31, 2021
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