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    Hello there, I have a little problem that I can't solve.. Can't do anything about it... In normal world, with biomes, players can do everything normally, but in nether and end, they can't mine even netherrack with lvl over 50, anyone got the same?
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    Spartan 315 + Syn Cracked

    Awesome work! :) Really appreciated.
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    AWAITING UPDATE Selection Visualizer

    Name of the plugin you want updated: Selection Visualizer Spigot Link: BlackspigotMC Link: Why should we update this plugin: Can't really imagine not using this for towny...
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    Spartan 315 + Syn Cracked

    Null error :/ Please fix :)
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    Selection Visualizer

    Update? :))
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    Spartan 315 + Syn Cracked

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    Spartan 315 + Syn Cracked

    Possible update to 318 build?? :)
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    OPEN EZRanksPro

    Hi, I downloaded plugin and I cant figure out, how to config it.. I do everything that is in tutorial, and the plugin still says that rankup is completed even when I am in same group in Permissions and didnt even write /rankup :D. Could anyone...
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    (REQUEST) AsyncWorldEdit new version

    Hi, could anybody leak this version of plugin? Thanks.
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    AWAITING RESPOND AntiAura chat spam problem

    still no respond here..
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    AWAITING RESPOND AntiAura chat spam problem

    Hi guys, I just wanted to get help for plugin AntiAura. I have an problem that when AA is active, whenever a player hit something like mob he gets into chat 1:false 2: true etc. could anyone pls help me? Using last version of AA, server 1.12.1. The problem is caused from latest ver AA.
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    FeatherBoard [Deleted]

    Please update to last version.