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    [Official] mcMMO - Original Author Returns!

    Hi!! Is there any possible way you could upload version 2.1.202? Trying to get it running on a 1.12.2 modded server w/ magma playing with friends and all the newest versions do not work :(
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    OPEN Suggestion: Garry's Mod / GMOD Forum section

    A very big leak site known as codefodder has gone down and there are several shitty sites like nulled bb and if there's a free forum for garry'smod addons like what BlackSpigot is I feel it would bring a lot of people to the site. I can also release a bunch of resources under that forum as well :D
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    AWAITING RESPOND Banned IP on NulledBuilds

    It's because you have uwu in your profile picture /s
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    SEUS Path Tracing Shaders (PTGI E6) - PTGI E10

    PTGI E10, latest version as of 10/15/19
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    AWAITING UPDATE Cluescrolls, 1.14

    Name of the plugin you want updated: Cluescrolls Spigot Link: BlackspigotMC Link...
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    OPEN EpicSpawners not working

    Make SURE you have Arconix downloaded. Every Epic series plugin needs that plugin to function, if you can't find it PM me and I can give it to you.
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    ShopGui+ Configuration with Headhunter RPG System permission check

    I have not used the plugin but you might be able to use the /rankup to grant access to certain permissions, and your spawnershop plugin most likely 99% has permissions to purchase spawners individually, so remove the (permission for spawner purchase).* and grant the spawner types individually...
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    Try messing around in the config for it yourself, there's probably some easy things you can try to reduce the false positives.
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    SEUS Path Tracing Shaders (PTGI E6) - PTGI E6

    Taken from Patreon: Phew, it's finally here! I'm sorry it's taken so long! This update is pretty big, with a lot of fixes and totally redesigned GI and reflection noise filters! The biggest improvements are with the GI and reflection noise filters, allowing for a more dynamic range of light...
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    SEUS Path Tracing Shaders (PTGI E6) PTGI E10

    Newest Experimental SEUS shaders update which features ray / path tracing. Works on all cards - not just Nvidia RTX. Works on any powerful Nvidia cards and *some* AMD cards.
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    (DONE) EpicAnchors

    Name of the plugin you want updated: EpicAnchors Spigot Link: BlackspigotMC Link: Why should we update this plugin: It's fairly cheap and...
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    Good Bye

    A BIT late but just wanting to say a while back you offered a giveaway of some phones... 5 to be exact- I was one of the winners but for some reason I had to send you $3 because I had to cover shipping costs... I know that's not much of a red flag but it still was a red flag, so I didn't send...