PIXELMON REBORN | TRUE PIXELMON EXPERIENCE | Daily Rewards | Legendaries | Ranks | Menus

♛ Pixelmon Reborn ♛ Premade Pixelmon Setup | IP: hub.premieresetups.com
PIXELMON REBORN | TRUE PIXELMON EXPERIENCE | Daily Rewards | Legendaries | Ranks | Menus

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You can test out this setup and all our other setups at our test server:

Welcome to Pixelmon Reborn! This setup runs Pixelmon Reforged and allows you to have your very own Pixelmon server up and running in a matter of minutes! This setup is highly optimized. This setup is perfectly designed for public use or just a laid-back experience with friends.


This server comes with tons of documentation and support! This includes tons of video tutorials and written information for installation and customization. This also includes 24/7 support in our Discord!

These marvelous builds are completely unique to the setup and cannot be found anywhere else, this kind of exclusivity means that no one else will be using the same builds from like planet Minecraft or anything along those lines.

Here is where the fun begins, if you would rather see it in-game you can see the server at hub.premieresetups.com if not continue reading to check out all the amazing things this setup has to offer.

All players receive a starting Pokemon upon joining the server. They may send out their Pokemon by pressing "R" on their keyboard. Players can catch new Pokemon by using various balls and battling to weaken the Pokemon just like in the real Pokemon games!

Chat Reborn is also a completely custom plugin that is designed to control the chat on the server. This plugin is now included in all my reborn series. The point of this plugin is to allow cool features from other chat plugins without having to have any sort of premium plugin. This plugin hooks into PlaceholderAPI to allow you to add any placeholder you want about your players to the chat.

This setup comes completely packed and ready to go with 4 staff ranks, Owner, Admin, Moderator, and Helper. These ranks come preconfigured with permissions so all you have to do is drag and drop.

This server also has 5 preconfigured donor ranks! These ranks are the same rank names as all the other reborn series so that the server can easily be set up to a network. The ranks are Elder, Knight, Lord, King, and Emperor.

View Donor Perks

There are a lot of various GUI's that are used in-game to make navigating the server easier for your players. I have also created custom menus to make the server feel cleaner overall.

Warps Menu
Gyms Menu
Kits Menu

There are 6 total crates. Vote, Rare, Epic, Legendary, Balls, and HM's. These crates can be earned in-game through various methods or given via Buycraft. These crates can be accessed with /warp crates or via /crate.


There are 6 kits. One of these for the main playerbase. The other 5 are donor kits that can be claimed by their respective ranks.

The Pokémon Center is directly right in spawn and includes a few important things for your players to enjoy, most notably healing their Pokémon and trading with friends.

The Pokémart is located at spawn and is full of important things and people for your players to meet.

Visit the Pokémart to access the amazing shop. There are a total of two shopkeepers total. The items change from time to time. This is the main place for players to spend their PokéDollars.

Visit the Pokémon Center and hop on a trade machine to trade your Pokémon with your friends and other random players.

Your players are encouraged to join the server every day for a different reward! The rewards get better as players keep up their streak which is a great way to keep players interested!
Use /Daily

Land management is handled by the famous golden shovel which players can use to protect their land from any sort of annoying griefers.

Randomly in chat, a minigame will start either challenging players to type the name of a Pokemon the fastest or unscramble the word the quickest. This includes all Pokemon in the game for added variety!

When Legendaries spawn in the world. They will be announced in chat allowing players to have a chance to find them. They will be told a rough area on where they can find the legendary which is great for player engagement.

Players can access the playable world with /wild. This will randomly teleport them to the world for them to begin their journey.

Voting not only helps your server grow but also rewards players by giving them unique items in game!

Keep your players informed on what is going on with your server along with reminding them to do important activities that help your server grow.

Your server will stay running amazing with the automated lag clearing system which flushes out ground items to keep your server running flawlessly.

In need of an amazing host for your next server? Check us out and grab one of our fast servers. Not to mention being able to receive any support you need from one centralized source.

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