WDL Undetectable/Cracked (AntiWDL bypass)

WDL Undetectable/Cracked (AntiWDL bypass) 2020-1-4

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This is the official WDL patcher from the original creator of "WDL Cracked". If you've downloaded this from somewhere else, you might have gotten a very old version that did not patch fully.

If you've downloaded this before 3/17/19, you must redownload the patcher.

Installation instructions: Download the baseedit from MinecraftForums, and use the jar file I provided to "modify" the baseedit. Then you install by using the baseedit instructions on MinecraftForums.
You probably need Java 8 to do this.
If you would like to use this with LiteLoader, simply patch the .litemod file. It will say "4 out of 5 patchers" because the ClientBrandRetriever patcher isn't needed for the liteloader version. The patcher will work fully on liteloader despite what it says, but there is a chance that the server will block liteloader itself.

Note: If you get the following error when launching, relaunch with the launch button. (above "launch offline") (MultiMC only)
java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: net.minecraft.client.main.Main

If you see an error in the output, make sure that
-Your WDL version is directly from the offical download link (https://github.com/Pokechu22/WorldDownloader/releases)
-Your WDL version is not already modified
-You selected the right WDL version (versions not from pokechu22 are not supported as there is no way to detect them)
Otherwise, PM me. You can try older releases of WDL to see if it works.
Note that all 5 patchers (4 with liteloader) should be fully working if you use the patcher on a unmodified version. If it isn't the case, it is an error. PM me for that.

How I Patch WDL:
The first step is to delete ClientBrandRetriever.class from the WDL mod. This prevents the client brand from being sent as "WorldDownloader".
The second step is to stop all communication from the client to the server, so the server will never see any WDL packets and the client will never respond to any WDL packets sent to it.

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Latest updates

  1. Reupload as ZIP

    Combined the information txt files and the patcher into a zip.

Latest reviews

Hello, when I double click on WDLPatcher, nothing opens so I cannot modify it
Huge thanks to the dev for this. Works flawlessly on version 1.16.4.

1. Download 'mod-worlddownloader-baseedit-' from the official WDL page.
2. Download MultiMC from the official page.
3. Download the WDL crack from this page above.
4. Install MultiMC by extracting the zip file and running the exe within it.
5. When MultiMC 5 opens, click 'Add Instance'.
6. Choose version 1.16.4 and press OK.
7. Click on the icon that was created that is labeled 1.16.4 and click on 'Edit Instance'.
8. Extract the WDLCRACK folder and run the .jar file by double clicking on it.
9. On the crack utility menu that appears, browse to the 'mod-worlddownloader-baseedit-' file that you downloaded earlier.
10. Select it and Run the crack. Once it's completed, you will see a new file called 'mod-worlddownloader-baseedit-' that has been created by the crack in the same folder that the original .zip file was located.
11. Go back to the MultiMC program with instance 1.16.4 opened, and click on 'Add to Minecraft.jar' on the right hand tab.
12. Navigate to the 'mod-worlddownloader-baseedit-' file that was created and select it.
13. You should now see it on the list with a green checkmark. Make sure the square box is also check marked.
14. Click 'Launch'. It may take some time at first to download the needed resources, but you will eventually see a minecraft window open with the mod running. Join your desired multiplayer server and press ESC, and click 'download this world'. Walk around the area you want to save, and then press ESC and stop the download. After it saves, check your single players maps and it will appear there.
the world becomes empty when I try to download the map.. need an update
naisu ^
nothing is clear
what other baseedit Creator can you write a normal instruction ??
Here's a video by someone else on how to use this patcher: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cKc2ffwtzYE
Thanks <3
Appreciate this resource!
Worked for about 10 minutes, if that.
I can't find ClientBrandRetriever.class anywhere in the file. Patcher states "ClientBrandRetriver not patched". Still nice though. Amazing how many servers don't have any anti-wdl.
Alright, download the patcher again, it should work now.
Im also having the same issue as below. Joining any server or even single player worlds make the game crash. The injection went flawlessly tho. Great Job!
Can you make a video of this, im pretty new.
You download the patcher, download the WDL baseedit, run the patcher and select the baseedit. You then have to follow the baseedit download instructions, which you can find online.