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This plugin requires Votifier
Reward all online players with customizable rewards when your server gets a certain amount of votes through Votifier!

This system will encourage community involvement with voting as it requires a server wide amount of votes to be reached to reward players.

VoteParty rewards are executed through console commands so the possibilities are endless as far as what you can give as a reward!

VoteParty contains a simple but very effective way to generate a random, but very customizable reward system based on chance.
You define how common or rare each reward command is!

VoteParty also offers an optional and customizable "crate" item that allows players to interact with a special item to have a chance at being rewarded from a VoteParty!

If you would like to see VoteParty in action, you can check it out on the server.


Player Commands:
Display the amount of votes needed for the next VoteParty.

Admin Commands:
All admin commands require the permission: voteparty.admin

/vp setcounter <votesneeded>
Set the vote counter to need x amount of votes for the next VoteParty.
/vp startparty
Force start a VoteParty for all online players.

/vp givecrate <player> <amount>
Give a specific player x amount of VoteParty crates that will execute random reward commands when right clicked.
(this command is only available if use_crate: true)

/vp addvote <amount>

Add an amount of votes to the party counter

/vp giveparty <player>
Give a specific player a private VoteParty.

/vp reload
reload the VoteParty config.yml
/vp reload requires the permission: voteparty.reload


When you install VoteParty for the first time, a config.yml file will be generated inside of the /plugins/VoteParty/ folder.

Edit this file to your liking and use /vp reload to update any changes made :)

Click here to view a detailed explanation of the VoteParty config.yml
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