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Supported MC Versions:[1.8 - 1.16+]Req. Server Software:Spigot 1.14.4 or PaperSpigot 1.14.4.


• Special skyblock setup with unique and special features which will return to players addicted to your server•

Minecraft Versions 1.8 - 1.16


• You don't need any premium plugins!
Daily Rewards with Npc and Hologram to Claim!
Custom Plugins (Skills and Farming Style like Hypixel)
Mine-Zone where players will able to get Ores and Upgrading their skills
+8 Ranks with Permissions configured
Configured Warps, with Npc's included
[NEW] Skills Missions player will able to do missions of Farming, Mining, Enchanting and more!
Island Missions this is different of skills missions in this players will gets Crystals and Money!
Skills players will able to get rewards and boosters ,doing things like Mining, Farming, Enchanting, Brewing items and more!
Configured Island Boosters players will able to get Boosters like Boost their spawns, Boost your Crops and much more!
[NEW] Island Upgrades the islands can be upgraded by players (Size, Members, Warp, etc)
Lobby Configured the spawn was builded by us and is fully configurated (Players can't break, place, etc)
Crates Configured with rewards for each rank
[UNIQUE] Farm Zone like hypixel where crops automatically regenerate
+3 Islands Fully Configurated (Basic, Desert and Lucky)
Config Island Borders
Vote System
Rules Area
Zone with Examples of Cobblestone Generators
Kits per rank, players can see kits with previewkit
Awesome Scoreboard
Area of War - Pvp Zone


• Main GUI This is the principal menu, and contains things to help new users.

Spoiler: Main Menu


• Island GUI A Menu that contains all important settings of Island (Upgrades, Biomes, Members, Settings, etc)

Spoiler: Island Panel


• Warps GUI A Menu with all places availables in the server, Players can teleport in one click!

Spoiler: Warps GUI


• Lobby A great lobby where users can get a lot of fun, touring their great space!
Spoiler: Lobby


• Lobby 3 Different Islands with Thematics very Funny! (Basic, Desert and Lucky)

Spoiler: Islands


• Auction Place where players can sell their items and other players can buy them

Spoiler: Auction


• Crates Customized crates with incredible rewards with custom Permissions! (There is more than +4 Types of Crates)

Spoiler: Crates


• Missions A LOT of Missions! Players will have many hours of fun and they will have a good time.

Spoiler: Missions


• PvP Zone A giant place where the most epic battles of your server will be fought!

Spoiler: PvP


• Kits More than +5 Kits with configurated Rewards and Only for Players with Ranks! (Permissions are configurated)

Spoiler: Kits


• Daily Rewards Rewards claimables each 24 Hours with custom rewards!

Spoiler: Daily Rewards

• Farm Area where player can upgrade their Skills and complete their Missions
Spoiler: Farm

• Mine Here players will able to get Mining XP and Ores there is more than +7 Auto-Mine Blocks to Mine!

Spoiler: Mining

• Shop Players will able to purchase and sell items for increase their gaming experience.

Spoiler: Shop


• Skills Unique Feature with more than +7 unlockable skills with a epic graphic interface!.

Spoiler: Skills


• Mana System Unique and epic feature same as hypixel's intelligence system.

Spoiler: Mana

• Bank Players can Save your Money, Crystals or Experience for don't lose it.

Spoiler: Bank


You will not be able to redistribute the plugin.
You can not ask for support in the rewiews section of the plugin.
You cannot upload the plugin to another forum or page, without the developer's permission.
If you don't respect the rules you will be banned.
All purchases are final and no refunds will be given.
Chargebacks/disputes will result in losing access to the plugin and future updates of it.
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