Staff+ | The Ultimate Moderation Plugin | 1.7-1.11

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Staff Mode:

Compass: Launches towards current direction.
Random teleport: Teleports to a random, non-staff player.
Vanish: Completely vanishes or just vanishes from the tab list.
GUI Hub: Opens a GUI with an assortment of teleportation and viewing options.
Counter: Shows staff online or staff in staff mode.
Freeze: Prevents a player from moving for inspection.
CPS: Tests for a player's clicks per second.
Examine: Shows the player's inventory contents as well as extra information about the player.
Follow: Mounts or starts a teleportation task to follow the player.
Custom: Allows for creating unlimited custom items with dynamic options.


Reports: Lets players report others and gives staff members options to deal with reports.
Warnings: Allows staff members to warn users and executes a command when the player reaches a certain amount of warnings.
Tickets: Allows players to communicate with staff members privately through a ticket system.
Chat: Lets staff members execute public chat actions such as clearing, toggling, and slowing.
Blacklist: Allows blocking of specific words, links, and characters with multiple options to help prevent false positives.
Staff chat: Gives staff members the option to privately communicate with other staff members in a separate chat channel.
Alerts: Sends staff members notifications when specific actions occur such as name changing, mentioning, and block mining.
Login: Staff members can login with a password in order to protect their account from being hijacked on your server.
Revive: Give players back their inventory if they are unfairly killed!


Permissions: All permissions can be changed in the config to prevent any conflictions with other plugins.
Commands: Commands are also able to be changed or disabled in the config to prevent conflictions with other plugins.
Language: Support for customizable language files in order to make messages easier for all users of any language.
Version independence: Supports all versions from 1.7 to 1.11 (not including PaperSpigot)!
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