SpigotVIP Space 7.8.5

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A LOT of time was spent on this update - it required me to rewrite every item within space, however, space now has entirely customisable crafting recipes and so it can be modified to fit any server economy. I hope you enjoy :)
Pretty much summed up in the title :) It is absolutely necessary to delete your old config.yml for these changes to take effect
This update consists of the following:
Oxygen worlds can be added to the rocket GUI, allowing teleportation to any world
Fixed photonic barrier duplication bug
Fishing fix in space
Fixed resource pack link
Option to enable gravity on hostile mobs

It is NECESSARY to delete your old config.yml to update to this version!!
This version took a LOT of time, however finally we have support from 1.12.2 all the way up to 1.14.3. This also incorporates a fixed resource pack.

Please note, this currently only works with WorldEdit 7 and above, however WorldEdit 6 support for the earlier versions will be added soon!

The world generator has also been temporarily disabled due to a crash glitch.