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NOTE: Space now only runs on 1.13 and 1.14. To use a 1.12.2 or 1.12 version, please download version 1.9 or below. Support will not be given for versions 1.9 and below.
Space is a new gamemode which allows you to explore the universe. Multiple multiblock structures, custom items and mobs allow you to blast off into new dimensions. Inspired by galacticraft, you can either orbit the planet on your own space stations or land on an alien planet completely.

Please note, Space depends on the following plugins:

    • Vault
    • ProtocolLib
    • WorldEdit
    • Any economy plugin (EG Essentials)
Space is similar to normal survival in some aspects, though completely different in some others. These are the following:

    • Lower gravity
    • No oxygen
    • Custom mobs with more powerful and enhanced features
    • Custom items and structures
Here, you can see some of the environmental effects:


Rockets are an advanced transportation method used to access space. They can take you to three destinations:

    • Earth (Definable in the config, normal survival)
    • Orbit (Definable in the config, void world used for space stations. No air pressure.)
    • Space (Definable in the config; the space world, has lower gravity and the custom mobs spawn here. No air pressure.)


    • Opens the Space GUI to list recipes, help, players currently online in space and enable the space texture pack easily.
    • Usage: /Space
    • Permission: None
/Space rules

    • Lists the rules for space, definable in the config.yml. Supports colour codes.
    • Usage: /Space rules
    • Permission: None
/Space guide

    • Shows you all of the recipes within space
    • Usage: /Space guide
    • Permission: None
/Space info (player)

    • Lists the modules a player owns (Purchased from the modular workbench)
    • Usage: /Space info (player)
    • Permission: Space.viewinfo

    • Lists the people currently in space and orbit. Clicking the resulting message will teleport you to the player if you have the permissions to run "/tp (Player)" - This will automatically use your servers teleport system
    • Usage: /Astronauts
    • Permission: Space.View

    • On first use, creates a space station for the cost defined in the prices.yml file. (By default $500000).
    • On every other use, will teleport you to your space station completely free.
    • Usage: /Station
    • Permission: Space.Station.Create

    • Teleports you to another players space station without asking for their permission; recommended to only give to staff members.
    • Usage: /Stationtp (username)
    • Permissions: Space.Station.Teleport

Space consists of multiple space and orbit world mob modifications. These consist of the following:

    • Creepers - Creepers have an enhanced blast radius and damage.
    • Skeletons - Due to the lack of air, skeleton arrows fly faster and do more damage on impact.
    • Zombies - A new "Dead astronaut" mob can spawn - an overpowered zombie with abilities enhanced by the Voyager 5 armour. The Voyager 1-5 armour can be made using the suit fabricator.

There is a vast array of custom items. These consist of:
And more! To see a description and video tutorial of the items, please click the item or to view the full list, please click here.
All custom items are created in the matter transmutator.


Space consists of multiple multiblock structures allowing you to complete different tasks. These are the following:
To see some more of the multiblock structures, please click here.


A custom sword is implemented in Space, called the adamantium sword. The adamantium sword is a stronger and more enhanced version of a normal sword, capable of harnessing power only the gods could previously harness by the help of the sword editor. It is completely customisable and can be renamed. It also has a custom enchantment called "thrust" which can be seen in the video below.



Space has a custom resource pack which can be enabled in the GUI given by typing the command "/space". The resource pack applied can be changed in the config.yml. By default, it adds space suits, changes the sky and a few other items, too.


Resource pack installation instructions.

Space has its very own electricity system. This is extremely simple to learn and the wiki page explaining it is here. Electricity is used to power the generators (Oxygen generators, gravity generators, etc)

Space features its very own lunar-generator. This can be easily used (Explained here)


For more in-depth explanations and video tutorials, please click here.


Space consists of a language file allowing you to translate it to any language. By default, Space uses English but this can be customised to any language. The following users have been so kind to translate to a different language (Message me if you'd like to make a translation or find an error)
Daro2404 - German - Please click here.

Please click here to join the Space support and suggestion discord, or alternatively, my discord is "Ollie#4125". Please contact me if you need help either in messages at Spigot or discord before leaving a bad review and I will reply as soon as possible. Thank you!
Terms of service:

      • No refunds will be given. Please do note that Space only supports 1.13 and above!
      • No distribution. This includes no giving to friends or no posting.
      • Do not say the plugin is your own. I put a lot of hard work into this and all rights belong to me

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