SkyWars | UUID Support, new features and many bug fixes!

DONATOR SkyWars | UUID Support, new features and many bug fixes! 1.10.3

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Do battle with players in the sky! Loot chests for equipment, build bridges to other player's islands, raid the loot chest in the middle, and fight to be the last player standing.


*Everyone can join, buyers and not buyers!
**For buyers: Discord now is the only way that you can get support from this resource (You must verify your Spigot profile and Discord before that with my custom bot, only follow steps there, in #welcome channel)


  • Bungee Mode and Multi Arena Mode
  • MySQL or SQLite
  • Custom Economy
  • Stats
  • Kits
  • Sign System
  • Custom Chests
  • Abilities
  • Refill event
  • UUID Support New!
  • Hotbar item customizable New!


  • UUID Support (100%)
  • Teams (35%)
  • Pressure Plate Portals (40%)
  • Auto Join Sign (60%)
  • Chest refill (100%)
Last changes: [10/06/2019]


Spoiler: Scoreboards




Spoiler: Settigns Menu
Spoiler: Vote Menu
Spoiler: OTHERS


If you are using this plugin in your server and you want to add your server to the list as test server, please contact me via PM. - Non premium (Spanish) - Non premium (Spanish) (BungeeMode)


  • skywars.admin - Access to all admin commands
    • skywars.admin.arena - Give access to all arena setup commands
    • - Give access to tp command
    • skywars.admin.hologram - Give access to add or remove holograms in Lobby
    • skywars.admin.reload - Give access to reload all configs
    • skywars.admin.coins - Give access to add or remove coins
    • skywars.admin.forcestart - Give access to forcestart a game
    • skywars.admin.spectate - Give access to spectate a game
  • - Open Lobby Kit Shop
  • skywars.settings.*
  • - Coins multiplier x2
  • - Coins multiplier x3
  • - Allow chat for players before game start
If you set true kit_permssion in config.yml, the players need the permission:
  • skywars.kit.kitname
  • skywars.kit.builder
  • skywars.kit.noobly


< > - Required
[ ] - Optional
  • /sw reload - For more help about reload command
  • /sw arena- For more help about arena setup commands
    • /sw arena create <Arena-Name> - Create new arena
    • /sw arena load <WorldName> - Load world in folder map
    • /sw arena spawn - Edit spawn points to the arena
      • /sw arena spawn add - Add spawn point to the arena
      • /sw arena spawn remove [#] - Remove spawn point to the arena (latest or specific)
      • /sw arena spawn spect - Set spectator spawn point
    • /sw arena set - For more help
      • /sw arena set max <amount> - Set maximum players in arena
      • /sw arena set min <amount> - Set maximum players in arena
  • /sw tp <WorldName> - Teleport to another world
  • /sw forcestart - To force start the arena where you are
  • /sw coins- Get your coins (Economy: Custom)
    • /sw coins add <amount> [PlayerName] - add coins yourself/other player (Economy: Custom)
    • /sw coins remove <amount> [PlayerName] - remove coins himself/other player (Economy: Custom)
Lobby/MultiArena Commands:
  • /sw lobbyspawn - To set Lobby Spawn
  • /sw hologram- Add or remove hologram stats at Lobby
    • /sw hologram add
    • /sw hologram remove [#]
  • /sw open lshop - To open Lobby Kit Shop
  • /sw join [ArenaName] - Join to first game available or specific game


  • Do not use EssentialsSpawn
  • Incompatible plugins:
    • Any plugin that set Scoreboards to players every time
    • Plugins to set Spawn and Respawn Point
  • Avoid the use of:
    • Multiverse-Core or other plugin to load worlds
  • SkyWars in mode Lobby require MySQL, if you don't have access to MySQL you can't use mode Lobby for BungeeCord Servers
  • Highly recommended use in server for only SkyWars (MultiArena)

Code (Text):
# -------------------------------- #
# By CookLoco
# Battle with players in the sky
# -------------------------------- #

# Check if exists a new update (RECOMMENDED YOU LEAVE TRUE)
check_updates: true

# Debug mode
# enable if you have some crash/error and need send me (CookLoco) the server log
debug: false

# Available languages:
# en: English (Default)
# es: Spanish
# nl: Dutch
locale: en

# Rows/Lines from the Kit Menu (WAITING GAME)
kitmenu_rows: 3

# If is true, players with the permission (skywars.kit.KitName) can buy this kit
kit_permission: false

# Enable it if you need setup an arena or spawn points
editmode: true

# Maximum time for every arena/game
maxtime: 1200

# Lobby coords [MultiArena/Lobby]
# type /sw lobbyspawn with editmode: true to set the Lobby Spawn
spawn: ''

# Bungee lobby server to teleport when player leave or game ends (BungeeMode)
lobby_server: Lobby

# Lobby server list for random tp (BUNGEECORD SERVERS)
- Lobby

# max slots used per generated chest (IN GAME)
max_items_types_chest: 15

# Economy types:
# Custom: included per default in SkyWars (HIGHLY RECOMMENDED)
# Vault: hook with Vault and other plugin like Essentials or iConomy
# PlayerPoints: hook with PlayerPoints
# Craftconomy3: hook with CraftConomy3
mode: Custom
# Currency set when you has been configured CraftConomy3 (Default: Dollar)
craftconomy3_currency: Dollar

# reward that receive every survivor when a player die
death: 1
# reward for kill some player
kill: 2
# reward for winner
win: 10

# Plugin Modes:
# BungeeMode: Only one game per server (better performance)
# MultiArena: Unlimited games per server (underperforming with many games)
# Lobby: Only Lobby System for Bungee Servers (before SkyWarsLobby)
plugin: MultiArena
# Auto Start when a game ends (BungeeMode)
bungee-autostart: true
# Select a random map from configured arenas
bungeerandom: true
# Select the same map all the time (BUNGEERANDOM MUST BE FALSE)
bungeemapset: default

# BungeeMode settings for Sign System (MySQL REQUIRED)
# enable if this server is in BungeeMode and you have other server (Lobby)
# with SkyWars in mode Lobby for the Sign System (MySQL REQUIRED IN BOTH SERVERS)
enabled: false
# bungee name that correspond to this server
bungeeid: SkyWars-1

# Types:
# SQLite: Local File (Default)
# MySQL: MySQL Server required
type: SQLite
# MySQL server address/ip
server: localhost
# database name
db: SkyWars
# MySQL User
user: root
# MySQL Port
port: 3306
# MySQL password
password: password
# Table name of player data
data: SkyWars_Data
# Table name of custom economy data
economy: SkyWars_Economy
# Table name of servers info
servers: SkyWars_Servers

# enable or disable weather in arena worlds
weather: false
# enable or disable mobs spawn in arena worlds
creaturespawn: false
# save inventory when player join to the game and restored when leave
saveInventory: true
# force teleport to spawn when a player join
forceLobbySpawn: true
# sequencial spawn points in arena
orderedSpawnPoints: true
# disable pvp in Lobby world
disablePvP-Outside-The-Arena: false
# disable all damage in Lobby
disableDamage-Outside-The-Arena: false
# enable or disable leave message when player leave from the server
leaveMessage: false
# enable or disable join message when player join to the server
joinMessage: false
# disable leave item (bed)
disableLeaveItem: false
# disable separated Tab per world (RECOMMEND YOU LEAVE FALSE FOR 1.8 & 1.9 SERVERS)
disablePerWorldTab: false
# disable separated chat per world
disablePerWorldChat: false
# disable spectator mode when player die
disableSpectatorMode-Death: false

# Commands blocked for players in game (in arena)
- help
- spawn
- home


Spoiler: SHOP.YML

Spoiler: SIGNS.YML

Spoiler: BOXES.YML

In addition to these files, the plugin create others called "messages_xx" that contains all messages in different languages


Code (Text):
1) Drag SkyWars.jar in plugins folder (rootFolder/plugins/)

2) Start your server

3) Drag all arena worlds in "maps" folder generated in root directory (rootFolder/maps/)

4) Type /sw lobbyspawn to set Lobby Spawn Point

5) Create an arena with /sw arena create <ArenaName>

6) Load the Arena World with /sw arena load <ArenaName> (Must be the same that the created previously)

7) To teleport to the world type /sw tp <ArenaName>

8) Add spawn points with /sw arena spawn add

9) Set Max/Min players in arena, type: /sw arena set <min/max> <number>

10) Set Spectator Spawn with /sw arena spawn spect

11) Go to Lobby World with /sw tp <LobbyWorld>

12) Place a sign with the following format:

13) To create more arenas, repeat steps 5 to 13

14) When you finish to setup your arenas, stop your server

15) Enjoy!

Code (Text):
1) Drag SkyWars.jar in plugins folder (rootFolder/plugins/)

2) Start your server

3) Drag all arena worlds in "maps" folder generated in root directory (rootFolder/maps/)

4) Create an arena with /sw arena create <ArenaName>

5) Load the Arena World with /sw arena load <ArenaName> (Must be the same that the created previously)

6) To teleport to the world type /sw tp <ArenaName>

7) Add spawn points with /sw arena spawn add

8) Set Max/Min players in arena, type: /sw arena set <min/max> <number>

9) Set Spectator Spawn with /sw arena spawn spect

10) To create more arenas, repeat steps 4 to 9

11) When you finish to setup your arenas, stop your server

12) Change in config.yml the option "plugin: MultiArena" to "plugin: BungeeMode"

12.1. If you want map rotation (random) when a game ends, leave the option "bungeerandom" in true (required 2 or more configured arenas)

12.2. If you want only the map that you want, change "bungeerandom" to false and "bungeemapset: default" to "bungeemapset: ArenaName"

13) Enjoy!

Lobby Mode is only for BungeeCord servers (Lobby Server) and only work with MySQL.


Code (Text):
1) Drag SkyWars.jar in plugins folder (rootFolder/plugins/)

2) Start your server

3) Setup your MySQL and change "server enabled: false" to true in all Game Servers (SkyWars Servers in BungeeMode)

3.1. Change in all Game Servers the option "bungeeid" to the Bungee Server Name that correspond to the server

4) Setup your MySQL in your Lobby Server

5) Change in config.yml the option "plugin: MultiArena" to "plugin: Lobby"

6) Start all Game Servers

7) Start Lobby Server

8) Type /sw lobbyspawn to set Lobby Spawn Point

9) Place your signs with the following format:

10) Stop your Lobby Server and change in config.yml "editmode" to false

11) Start your Lobby Server

12) Enjoy!

Setup Video (English) - Outdated

Setup Video (Spanish) - Multi Arena - Outdated

Signs (Multi Arena and Lobby Mode)


ArenaName is Optional in Rotation Mode


Spoiler: LeaderHeads

Spoiler: PlaceholderAPI


Before buying this plugin you must read all, if you have any questions ask me via PM

When you buy this plugin, you agree to the following:

  • You know all features, limitations and requirements.
  • No refunds.
  • This plugin only can be used in your server or network.
  • I reserve the right to change these Terms at any time, and you agree to abide by the most recent version of this.
  • I'm not obligated to do updates, but that doesn't mean I wont update frequently the plugin.
  • Support is only given to the account who bought it. Support to "friends", "brothers", "developers" or "co-owners" will not be given.
  • The price may change at any time without notice.
  • If you want support or has some question, Join to my Discord server and verify your account (There you can contact me via PM or send messages in exclusive channels for verified members, and more exclusive channels for buyers).
  • You are responsible for what happens to the plugin after downloading. Accidental distribution or leaking will not be used as an excuse. You are responsible for the security of the plugin.
Last ToS changes: [22/10/2017]
Last Limitations Changes: [06/06/2016]
Last Requirement Changes: [06/11/2016]

This plugin does utilize PluginMetrics to collect anonymous statistics
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