SCHEMATICS Server Spawn - Fantasy ⭐️ [v1.0] v1.1

Server Spawn - Fantasy ⭐️ [v1.0] v1.1

  1. Savage_Dev
    This product is for a .schematic file of a Server Spawn, Fantasy Themed.

    The spawn roughly 170x170 and features 100% custom terraforming, creative design, and lots of room for players to adventure.

    Small houses, trees, and mushrooms can be found throughout the spawn for players to adventure and explore, every inch is meticulously decorated to provide an amazing player experience. There are rooms and buildings for information throughout.

    There are 4 exits for players to leave, or the boundries can easily be closed off or portals can be integrated to turn this into a great waiting lobby or server hub. The spawn can easily be used with HolographicDisplays and other cosmetic server plugins to make it more easily accessible for players.