⚡ QShop ✨ Advanced 3 in 1 shop plugin! [1.14 - 1.16] 3.9.7a

 ⚡ QShop ✨ Advanced 3 in 1 shop plugin! [1.14 - 1.16] 3.9.7a 4.0.7

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Tested Minecraft Versions:
  • 1.13
  • 1.14
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This is advanced 2 in 1 shop plugin, which includes GUI Admin shop and Chest Shop modules. This plugin is very simple to setup and use, it provides intuitive GUIs to create and manage your shops.


• GUI Shop •
Provides GUI AdminShop with easy in-game editor to create and edit shops and items.
• Very easy to use! In-game editor. Easy way to create/edit shops.
• 100% customizable! You can change everything as you want!
• Customizable mouse keys for shop actions (buy/sell/select).
Citizens support to open shops by interact with NPC.
• Sounds on Click/Buy/Sell.
• Transaction logs.
▸ Sell normal and custom items.
▸ Sell (execute) commands on buy as a Player, Op or Console.
▸ Sell permanent permissions to player. [Vault Required]
▸ Each shop product can trade all the items above at once.
▸ Item preview in shop GUI may be different from a final item.
Product Quantity:
▸ Ability to define min. and max. product amount that player can buy/sell at once.
▸ Ability to define the duration (or disable it), while these limits will be active, like: Buy/Sell only N items per a Second(s)/Hour(s)/Day(s)/Week(s)/etc.
▸ Ability to make product buy/sell one-timed.
Amount selection GUI:
▸ Select how many items you want to buy or sell via customizable GUI.
▸ Option to fix vanilla item max stack size (deny stack weapons, etc)
▸ Define min. and max. possible amount for each item per deal.
▸ Define the buttons to select how many stacks you want to buy.
▸ Define the buttons to manage current item stack size (like +1, -1)
Happy Hours (aka Discount):
▸ Define the days and time intervals when hours will be active.
▸ Define custom Happy Hours for each shop or use global settings.
▸ Define the discount amount for each day/time.
▸ Per-product option to allow/disallow Happy Hours affect its price.
▸ Each shop may have it's own currency with custom name!
▸ 3 Default currency types: Item, Exp, Vault.
▸ External currencies: MySQL-Tokens
▸ Display current shop currency and user balance in shop GUI.
▸ Unlimited amount of shops and items.
▸ Disable shop for specified gamemodes.
▸ Disable shop in specified worlds.
▸ Each shop may require permission to use.

• Chest Shop •
Allows players to create their own shops in chests.
• Easy to use! In-game editor for easy edit shops.
• An option to make the shop adminshop with unlimited items.
▸ Define global module currency in the config. At the moment only Vault is available.
▸ Change currency name and currency item.
▸ Define price to create a shop.
▸ Define price to remove a shop.
▸ Define the shop limit for each permission group or make it unlimited.
▸ Disable chest shops in specified worlds.
▸ Disable from trade specified item materials.
▸ Disable from trade items with specified name and lore.
▸ Enable/Disable creating shops only inside own WorldGuard regions.
▸ Enable/Disable creating shops only inside own PlotSquared plots.
▸ Display shop product in a customizable showcase!
▸ Animate showcase title with product placeholders and specified interval!
▸ Customizable GUI with list of all your shops, where you can teleport to the shop or open the edit menu.
▸ Simple editor GUI menu for each shop to change prices and product, or delete the shop.
▸ Protection from pistons.
▸ Protection from explosions.
▸ Protection from stealing items.
▸ Protection from breaking/destroying.
GUI Admin Shop


• GUI Admin Shop •
/shop - Open main shop menu.
/shop open [shop] - Open a specified shop.
/shop editor - Open in-game editor for GUI shop.
/shop reload - Reload the module.

• Chest Shop •
/chestshop create [buy price] [sell price] [admin<true/false>] - Creates the shop at the chest that you're looking at.
/chestshop remove - Removes the shop from the chest that you're looking at.
/chestshop list - List of all your shops.
▸ /chestshop search <material> - Search shops for specified material.
/chestshop reload - Reload the module.

• Plugin •
/quantumshop reload - Full plugin reload.


quantumshop.user - User access.
quantumshop.admin - Admin access.

GUI Admin Shop
quantumshop.gui.main - Access to main menu.
quantumshop.gui.shop.<shop> - Access to specified shop.

• Chest Shop •
quantumshop.chestshop - Full module access.
quantumshop.chestshop.teleport - Access to teleport to your own shops.
quantumshop.chestshop.cmd - Access to all module commands.
quantumshop.chestshop.cmd.create - Access to create command.
quantumshop.chestshop.cmd.create.admin - Access to create admin shops.
quantumshop.chestshop.cmd.remove - Access to remove command.
quantumshop.chestshop.cmd.list - Access to list command.
quantumshop.chestshop.cmd.search - Access to search command.
quantumshop.chestshop.negative - Access to set negative prices.
quantumshop.chestshop.negative.buy - Access to set negative buy price.
quantumshop.chestshop.negative.sell - Access to set negative sell price.

• GUI Admin Shop •

Chest Shop


Spigot 1.13+
JCore (included)
Java 8+

Vault - If you want Economy and Permissions support.
Citizens - If you want to bind the shop with NPC.
MySQL-Tokes - Additional currency.


▸ ShopAPI - Provides access to shop modules and user data.
• GUI Admin Shop •
▸ GUIShopBuyItemEvent
- Called when player is about to buy product. Cancellable.
▸ GUIShopSellItemEvent - Called when player is about to sell product. Cancellable.
▸ GUIShop - Module instance.
▸ ShopGUI - Object that contains info of GUI shop.
▸ ShopGUIAmount - GUI Handler for product quantity.
▸ ShopGUIMain - GUI Handler for main shop menu.
▸ ShopGUIView - GUI Handler for ShopGUI object.
▸ ShopProduct - Product of ShopGUI.
▸ ShopProductLimit - Product quantity limitations of ShopProduct.
▸ PreparedProduct - Object that contains information about product that is prepared to trade.
▸ HappyHours - Object that contains discount information.

• Chest Shop •
▸ ChestShop
- Module instance.
▸ ShopChest - Object that contains info about chest shop.
▸ ShopChestList - GUI Handler for ShopChest list and search.
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