ULTIMATE MilfSpigot 1.7.10 LATEST

MilfSpigot 1.7.10

  1. LegitSpigot
    Trulli MilfSpigot is a very special and optimized spigot fork of 1.7.10. Poor mojang code has been optimized making it extremely efficient for holding many players while still feeling smooth.

    Price: 30 jar, 50 src
    Discord: Bomp#3956
    I do have a test server that kids can hop on to test, just add my discord and we can talk further.

    Completely re coded/optimized tick stack and Entity Tracking.
    Fixed random values related to knock back/pots.
    Ability to create knock back, which does include some experimental values.
    Hid packets so players can fight in the same arena.
    Includes a packet handler for anti cheats.
    Multiple events added for hcf related to potions.
    Configurable commands for chunk unloading, server size, server info, world info, and more.
    Removed useless code/ re coded bad code by mojang.
    Improved hit detection, pot smoothness, and knock back.

    Videos (earlier version of the spigot):