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The magic based RPG Plugin !

  1. Kate
    Spells To launch a spell (skill), the player should have a magic wand in his hand, in the first item slot (see picture below).

    This is done so that the plugin can calcultate damages, range etc.. if the player has more than one wand in his inventory.
    To launch a spell, the player has to click with the wand in this hand (left click or right click depending of the configuration).
    To change his current spell, the player has to click with the wand in this hand (different click from launching).
    Spells can be unlocked by leveling and have a reloading time.
    The player can define which skills should be active or not to avoid losing time changing skill during pvp battle (by clicking on it on the GUI).
    All of these spells are block-breaking free.

    Current spells :
    • Shot : First spell unlocked, launch a line of particles (base damages : 2)

    • Ray : Launch an helix of particles (base damages : 5)

    • FireRay : Launch a fire line (base damages : 4)

    • ExplosiveShot : Spell which explode at contact (base damages : 4)

    • Thunder : Summon lightning (base damages : 7)

    • Frost : Create an ice prison and explode (base damages : 5)

    • MultipleRay : Launch multiple ray against close enemies (base damage : 5)

    • EarthQuake : Launch an earthquake (base damages : 4)

    • Meteorites : Launch meteorites (base damages : 4)

    • Tornado : Summon a tornado which follow enemies (base damage : 5)

    • Ticker : Summon a new entity to burn close enemies (base damages : 8)

    There is currently 4 types of wands (basic, super, ultra and legendary wands).
    The stats of the wands increase for the rarest wands.
    They are randomly defined at the generation.
    Wands can be buyed in the shop or earned by finishing contracts
    There is 6 stats type on a wand :
    • Damages : Increase the player's damages
    • Defense : Increase the player's defense
    • Reloading : Decrease the reloading time
    • Life : Increase player's life
    • Magical Power : Increase critical chance
    • Range : Increase range of the player's current skill
    Players don't lost their main wands by dying.

    Now there is 5 types of potions : heal, damage, range, defense and experience.
    Potions can be buyed in the shop or earned by finishing contracts.

    The contracts are the best way to the player to earn experience, money, random wands or potions.
    Contracts can be reloaded by the player after x minuts (defined in the configuration).
    Contracts's objectives are varied (hunting, mining, cutting wood).

    Code (Text):
    /magic : open the magic gui

    /magicgive <player> <object> <amount | type> [level] : give an object, experience or money to the selected player (full informations typing /mgive help) (OP players only)


    • Leveling system
    • Unlockable Spells
    • Custom wands with differents levels and random caracteristics
    • Custom damage system
    • Custom health system
    • Custom scoreboard
    • Custom experience
    • Vault Support
    • Life reader
    • Potions
    • Contracts
    • Ranking
    • Statistics
    • Guilds
    • Friends list
    • API
    • Languages
    • MySQL
    • And more...


    If you encounter any issues, you can contact me directly on my spigot account.

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