⚒ LiteBans Auto Access Enable ⚒ CRACK-FIX

This removes liteban's "Plugin Disabled"

  1. Leakers Cz/Sk
    Leakers Cz/Sk
    Version: CRACK-FIX
    Huh, removing antipiracy is better way to fix that :)
  2. Datboiepic
    Version: CRACK-FIX
    Most servers have a command scheduler. Literally this is just that but for 1 command. Use a consoel scheduler instead.
  3. Anonymous
    Version: CRACK-FIX
    Big piece of shit. This script does only reload the litebans plugin every 5 minutes. This deals a lot lags on the server.
    1. IxtraShader
      Author's Response
      It lags only for 5-10 seconds, If you have a good ram It won't even take that much, Also you can change the cooldown for the reload.