KP-PVP (The ultimate kitpvp plugin)

KP-PVP (The ultimate kitpvp plugin) BUILD-52c

No permission to download
I removed the /paycoins in this update because it allowed players to generate infinite coins. now it is removed. when i fix the command i will add it back
I have forget that minecraft as a height limit of 256 blocks in y Axis. The gladiator in previous update is generate higher and it does not properly if your map is very high. So in this update i have lowered gladiator maximium height. Sorry for that
Sorry for the long time without updates. Im very busy recently with my own minecraft server. But now there is a update for you!

Added support for PowerRanks in the shop ( ) now you can use PowerRanks plugin and when player buys a kit in the shop KP-PVP will make the console execute PowerRanks command to give player permission to the kit
Now you can disable Switcher kit in kits.yml (Some people are complaining it caused issues with Citizens NPC)
Fixed bugs in Gladiator Kit (Like the glass arena doenst disappear after the battle sometimes)
Now you cant use ender pearls in Gladiator (It fix people with Jumper kit being able to use ender pearls and escaping the gladiator)

Thanks for your support. If you encounter any bugs report it to me
If the player leaves the server while he is in the middle of death animation he stay forever in spectator mode. Now this is fixed
Added possibility to disable Timelord kit in kits.yml

if you encounter any bugs please report it to me
Fixed console error because of jumppad
Added 3 lightning to kit thor to make it a bit more op
Fixed sponge boost sometimes killing the player because of fall-damage
Now the sponge dont let players take fall-damage
Fixed Stomper kit not stomping if the server fall-damage is disabled
Fixed kit fisherman dont have recraft (I have forget to put it in previous update but in this update the kit now has recraft. OOPS)
Fixed the sound that plays when choosing timelord kit playing +30 times. it makes a very loud sound. now it is fixed
Fixed some grammar mistakes

Reset your 1v1.yml file and set the 1v1 again in order to update


Added recraft to the kits
Changed some kit items to make the kits balanced with each other (Now the basic kit as sharp 1 and added some enchants to bomber and wasp kit)
Now the plugin saves the world that 1v1 is seted. That means that now you can set the 1v1 in different worlds (Dont need to be in kitpvp world anymore)
Now if the 1v1 is not seted a message is send to player when he clicks the 1v1 blazerod

If you encounter any bugs or have suggestions pm me and i will try to help you.
Thanks and have a great day