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NOTE: This resource is not cracked, leaked and it is by no means modified. You are practically receiving a compiled jar of Iris' official source code. What you must know is that those jars are compiled from latest source code, all the time; therefore THEY MIGHT BE BUGGY. I am not responsible for what happens to your server, if you would like to use the stable versions, please purchase Iris and support its developers. Iris has a somewhat sane price tag and the developers kindly provide their software open source with GNU Public license. If you would like any support regarding this resource or have any questions/feature requests, you can join their discord and contact them. They do not ask any questions, they simply provide answers. Again, please try supporting the developers for the kind and thoughtful people they are and purchase the resource. If you can't, you're free to download the jars I am providing. But YOU will be responsible for everything that happens due to you using dev builds, which are what I am providing.
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Iris now supports Data Packs with Custom Biomes!


You can create your own dimensions. Check out the documentation & get started making your own world types! You can also browse the templates provided by the Iris Team & community projects at








View all Images at

Iris is a full featured generator, here is a detailed list of all the features currently supported.
  • NEW! Custom Biomes via Data Packs! You can now give your biomes custom colors for leaves, grass, water & sky!
  • NEW! MCA Pregenerator, Depending on your processor you can turn 15 chunks per second into 90 or higher per second!
  • The Iris Overworld has over 100 biomes, 2,000 schematics & loads of detail. You can view the overworld project at
  • Fully customizable dimensions with "projects". Make your own biomes, regions, schematics & decorations with ease.
    • Iris has a "Studio" mode which allows you to design dimensions in schema supported json (autocomplete)
    • No biome limits
    • As you design your world, keep flying & see your changes hotload into the generator
  • Iris cannot cascade, ever! It generates schematics (objects) in a separate region space (memory & storage) then writes only the cross-sections into generating chunks. It's called the Parallax Layer
  • Fast biome finding with /iris goto
  • Project downloading & generating from github
Terrain Features
Iris is a fully featured terrain generator. Terrain features are specific to what Iris is capable of generating

    • NEW! The NOWHERE Noise Generator, looks like the IRIS noise generator but 300% faster!
    • NEW! Iris Jigsaw now allows you to define Villages, Strongholds and even your own custom structures!
    • NEW! Parallax Vacuuming, Allows placed objects to "suck" the terrain up to the bottom of the placed object.
    • Unlimited 3D Biomes
    • Cave Biomes
    • Region Specific Shore, Ocean & Land Biomes
    • Biome Spot & Ridge Overrides
    • Total BlockState abstraction: Define block states fully, not just the types
    • More than 50 noise generator types to choose from (when designing worlds) Simplex, Perlin, Cellular, Static, Fractal FBM to name a few
    • A new type of interpolation, designed for Iris: STARCAST. Take a look here for more details. Bilinear, BiHermite, BiCubic, Starcast & Other tension variants included.
    • 3D Noise Carving
    • Per Biome noise generation with height-bound based interpolation for smoothness instead of raw noise interpolation.
    • Schematics (Objects) up to 512 x 256 x 512 blocks
    • Fully featured structure system which supports infinite structures
    • Support for custom block states (custom block/resource packs)
    • Deposit Generators (Used for ore gen usually). Make deposits of any type and size.
    • Multi layered decorations (decorates caverns caves, under carvings)
Note: Iris needs an internet connection to download dimension projects. If this is not possible, you can download the zip files on and extract them in the packs folder in Iris.

REGARDING ERRORS: If your server has an error message upon loading this plugin, upload the error message to hastebin DM IT TO ME. If you post something in reviews about errors, I will ignore you and neither of us will gain anything. Alternatively, you can go to Iris' discord server and ask for support. Unlike most scummy spigot authors who overprice their plugins, Iris developers SO VERY KINDLY ignore whether you are a purchaser or not. Again, consider supporting the devs by purchasing the plugin if you can.
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