1. Blurs
    Map Rotation Time!
    Hello again! It's time for another map round of SkyWars map rotations. In addition to our usually Solo/Doubles and Ranked map changes, we'll also be changing up our Mega map pool this rotation.

    This maps in this rotation have been selected based on the feedback we have received via the map feedback system, in-game discussions, forums posts (especially replies to the previous rotation thread), and through internal gameplay testing. Thank you for all the map feedback you have provided since the last rotation.

    Without further ado, here is the list of maps entering rotation and which maps will be leaving:

    ▶ Two New Maps

    Oceana - A compact new map inspired by the maps of old with a high contention in the middle.


    Southvine - With fast access to the middle which is populated with some risky chests to loot! But no vines?

    ▶ Five Returning Maps

    Jinzhou - These multi-tiered spawn islands provide deceptively fast travel to nearby islands. Beware!

    Pitfall - You may not need any bridging to reach the middle of this map but the chests could prove fatal!

    Aqueduct - Whet your swords for some octagonal plumbing with both inner and outer spawn islands.

    Hontori - These four giant hollow spokes meet at a small central island with very little cover.

    Marooned - It would appear the crew misunderstood the Captain's order to paint his cabin maroon.

    ▶ Current Maps Leaving Rotation
    The following maps have been disabled in this rotation: Dawn, Long Island, Strata, Boomerang, Qubez, Dwarf Fortress, MegaShire, and Onset.

    Unfortunately, to make room for these additions, some other maps must be taken out of this rotation. Our selection on which maps to disable has been decided on by the many forms of community feedback mentioned above. This doesn't mean they are gone forever though! If you enjoy them, leave us feedback on this thread and we'll continue to take your feedback into consideration in future rotations!

    We hope you enjoy this rotation and we look forward to hearing your feedback and getting more involved as we plan for the next rotation!