ULTIMATE ⭐️FactionSpigot⭐️| Perfect Cannons | Perfect Printing | Lag-less Cactus and Entities LATEST

⭐️FactionSpigot⭐️| Perfect Cannons | Perfect Printing | Lag-less Cactus and Entities

  1. LegitSpigot
    Trulli Description
    This custom TacoSpigot fork was created with large playerbase servers in mind. Our features are catered to servers that need as many features as possible in order to satisfy their community and we feature all the options that are needed in order to do this.

    . It is cheaper than all the other competitors on this site.


    • TNT performance improved up to 3000% (More than all competitors)
    • Set Server TPS
    • Set Hit Delay
    • Toggle Cactus Drops (Great Lag Prevention)
    • CactusBreakEvent (Crophoppers)
    • Pre-Age Cactus for Farms to Start Growing Faster
    • Toggle Leaf Decay (Great Lag Prevention)
    • Configurable Horizontal & Vertical Knockback
    • Toggle Whether Attacking Should Stop a Player's Sprint
    • Asynchronous Splash Potions
    • Configurable Speed, Vertical Offset, & Distance for Splash Potions
    • Configurable Left-Shooting
    • Configurable Client-Side FPS Boost for TNT
    • Configurable Cobblestone/Stone/Obsidian Generation from Water & Lava
    • Configurable Mob AI
    • Option to Disable Explosions (Great for Grace Periods)
    • Configurable Lava Source Explosions ( Prevent Regeneration Walls)
    • TNT Optimizations to Boost your Server's Performance of Cannons
    • Improved Creeper API (Full Control of Creeper Actions)
    • EquipmentSetEvent (Great for Developing Custom Enchants Plugins)
    • PotionEffectAdd, PotionEffectRemove, PotionEffectExpire, and PotionEffectExtend Events
    • No lag what-so-ever from wall-removers or large scatters
    Configuration File

    13,000 TNT going off and over 19 tps the entire time. That is much more TNT than any cannon is going to use. You can tell it is not spoofed as there is no delay between me typing the command and the information showing up in chat. No FPS drops at all with the client-side TNT optimizations.