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Spoiler: More Examples
  • Trench Tools that respects protected regions

  • Veinminer Pickaxes

  • Gun Items with Cooldown

  • Sponge for Water and Lava

  • Grappling Hooks

  • Explosive Bows

  • Infinite Blocks

  • Infinite Water & Lava

  • Morph Tools

  • AoE Damage / Effect Sword

  • Rainbow Helmet

  • Particle Cosmetics

  • Automatic Primed TNT

  • Item Converter

  • Custom Totem of Undying

  • Armorsets from 1pc to 4pc bonus

  • Bow Modifiers that does cool stuff when it lands on a target

  • Recall Item that teleports you back to where you died

  • Click combos where you have to press Left+Left+Right for example to activate the activator

  • Auto Crafter / Auto Compactor

  • Whitelisting / Blacklisting blocks that your custom pickaxe can break

  • Crossbows that does not need to be reloaded to shoot

  • Items that requires fuel

  • Projectile Rain

  • Armor that can help you dodge enemy hits

  • Items that needs to be charged to activate it's attack skill

  • Items that shoots arrows that pushes back players and mobs away from that spot

  • Elytra with particles while flying

  • Block Placement tool that helps builders place more than one block at a time

  • Custom conditions whether particles would appear when you have yet to hit something for a period of time

  • Items that allows you to deal plunge damage, dash through enemies and deal damage

  • Items that have 5 abilities at once

  • Mid-Air Jump, Double Jump, Triple Jump and more

  • Portable Beacon that you can change primary buffs and use secondary buffs

  • Assign a Sign to display your coordinates in real time

  • Pull target mobs towards you

  • Items that allows you to teleport forward or backward

  • Items that helps you replant the crops you broke

  • Items that increases damage depending on how many
    • times you damaged your target

    • times you got damaged

    • enemies in a given radius
  • Items that when thrown into the ground, all nearby players loose all of their effects

  • Bone Meal that instantly grows crops

  • Items that detects player movement

  • Items that automatically smelts the block they break and specify which ones are going to be smelt

  • Items that damages attackers or give effects to attackers

  • Items that damages targets overtime

  • Items that when thrown, it will break an area of blocks and you can specify which blocks gets destroyed

  • Items that pulls nearby mobs in a spot and pushes them away in a direction

  • Items that allows you to leap and deal area damage upon landing

  • Items that allows you to dash through targets

  • Items that allows you to have 2 attack forms and toggle the 1st and 2nd attack form

  • Items that allows you to stop projectile movements while sneaking

  • Items that allows you to toss your enemies upwards and damage them midair by dashing forwards or backwards

  • Items that allows you to save coordinates into an item and strike lightning in that location

  • Items that can transform areas from one block to another

  • Items that shoot projectiles that can do area damage explosion and an after effect

  • Boots that spawns rainbow particles on your feet

  • Custom fishing rods with specific bonus loot

  • Wands that spawn bats on nearby targets and right click to harvest specific bats for hp

  • Integration of other plugins such as MMOItems and have those custom items plugins run ExecutableItems activators

  • Projectiles that pushes away mobs or pulls mobs towards to the location the projectile landed at

  • Guns with customized recoils

  • Projectiles that can shoot more than one type of bullet and assign specific effects for each bullet type

  • Items that allows you to maneuver through solid blocks

  • Items that allows you to temporarily transform one area into a specific block and revert back to its original state after some time

  • Tools that counts how many blocks you broke

  • Swords that counts how many entities you killed (global or specifically)

  • Weapons that increases damage for every 5 kills

  • Boots that prevent you from taking specific damage like "No-Fall Damage Boots"

  • Items with different behaviors based on your biome

  • Weapons that summons tridents from above and flies to your direction and explodes when it lands onto something

  • Shields that allows you to take no damage while being able to do no damage

  • Potions that when thrown, can clear effects of affected targets in an area

  • Weapons that deals more damage depending on your distance towards your target
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Spoiler: Custom Projectiles possibilities












Spoiler: IMPORTANT: For [1.8 - 1.13] users
[1.8 - 1.13] Some features are not available for these versions, since spigot and Minecraft itself have less options to modify the game.
Take a look here: https://docs.ssomar.com/executableitems/mc-versions-compatibility
If you want purchase EI for a specific feature, verify that there is not in the list (link above) and if you want to be 100% sure join our discord and ask us.

++ The plugin require NBTAPI to work in these versions ++

It will be useless to post a bad review or ask for a refund after your purchase, if something that you wanted is not possible in these versions. Thank you for your understanding !
Spoiler: Images Transcription

This plugin allows you to full customize items, I will give you some examples:
- Material
- Name
- Lore
- Glow
- Effects
- Color
- Enchantments
- Attributes
- Textures (Custom Model Data tag)

But you can also add some activators / triggers on your item:
- and more than 40 other activators...

On these activators you can add some conditions
- Many custom conditions
- Player conditions
- Entity conditions
- World conditions
- Placeholders conditions
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