ULTIMATE EliteLootbox - Create your own lootboxes | IN-Game Editor | Multiple Animations [1.8 - 1.14.1] 2.0.8

Create lootboxes in-game with a choice of multiple animations!

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    EliteLootbox is a customisable lootbox plugin that allows you to create lootboxes that are identical to a well-known server's lootbox feature.

    This plugin comes with an in-game reward adder (Support NBT Tags) and it comes with a fully customisablepercentage system.

    How to add an item
    1. Put the item you would like to add into the crate in your hand
    2. Execute this command /el addreward <crate> <percent>

    How to remove an item
    1. Execute the command /el rewards <crate>
    2. Shift + Right Click item you would like to remove
    Current Animations:

    Lootbox Animation
    Drop Package Animation
    CSGO Roulette Animation
    Instant Reward [ID:4]


    /elitelootboxes create <lootboxName> - Generate a lootbox in the lootbox.yml [elitelootbox.create]
    /elitelootbox addreward <lootboxName> <percentage> - Add the item in your hand to your desired lootbox [elitelootbox.addreward]
    /elitelootbox setreward <lootboxName> <1or2> - Set the bonus items in the lootbox animation
    /elitelootbox rewards <lootboxName> - Get all the rewards in your desired lootbox [elitelootbox.viewrewards]
    /elitelootbox give <player> <lootboxName> - Give player a lootbox [elitelootbox.give]
    If you need support then check out the support discord

    If you have any questions then feel free to contact me @ Splodgebox#3490 on discord

Recent Updates

  1. 2.0.8
  2. 2.0.6
  3. 2.0.5

Recent Reviews

  1. baolam0000
    Version: 1.5.1
    Update please
  2. M661008
    Version: 1.4.5
    Nice plugin, but on 1.14.4 (i know its not for this version) its very buggy and so i cant use it.