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Native Minecraft Version:
Legacy (< 1.13)
Tested Minecraft Versions:
1.7 / 1.8 / 1.9 / 1.10 / 1.11 / 1.12 / 1.13 / 1.14 / 1.15 / 1.16 / 1.17 / 1.18




















By: DynamicJk (Zumorik)
Tested by: ItsPandemic, UraharaNZ, DrAuzi
Official Test Server: mc.hisocraft.net (offline)
Secondary server: play.hyluzmc.com

Dynamic Bungee Auth is an Advanced premium player authentication plugin, with the option to give offline server owners the ability to give premium players a hassle free login. Unlike most authentication plugins, DBA can run on both BungeeCord and spigot to insure fast, secure, and easy player registration. DynamicBungeeAuth runs only with a MySQL Database, and is similar to BungeeAuth, xAuth, and AuthMe. Our plugin offers improvements to: IP changes, Login mechanisms, Password safety, Performance stability, Optional Login/Auth Servers, login and lobby server balancers, multi-language, and Click and go game play. DynamicBungeeAuth can be configured to meet numerous requests such as having multiple balanced auth servers, and lobby servers, or even just having: 1 lobby no auth lobby, 1 lobby and 1 login server, enable or disable premium player bypass, register and verify actual emails, etc...

DynamicBungeeAuth is 2 plugins in 1 (BungeeCord plugin, and optional Spigot plugin)




  • Multi Language Support: Create your own language yml file, or use one of the supplied language files. We currently supply two language files (English & Spanish), feel free to make a new language file, and submit it to us!
  • Live updates: If you edit anything within the DynamicBungeeAuth config on Bungeecord, you do not need to restart the bungeecord and loose players, it is all done automatically (Including Language files). However, MySQL options require a restart.
  • Anti Bot Attacks: If too many nulled players login during X minutes, it blocks nulled logins until the time runs out (Only premium players will be able to login)
  • Backwards support: Our plugin is capable of supporting minecraft 1.7.X all the way to minecraft 1.11!
  • Community Driven: Enter your ideas for them to be built into the next update.
  • Blacklist Names: Block any Minecraft name from being able to enter your network/server.
  • IP Bind Checks: If enabled the player will require to login again if their IP does not match the previous IP when they last logged out, this blocks any unwanted logins with any minecraft name while the players session is still active. (Session - Time player has while logged out, to login without having to use /login)
  • Set Maximum Players per IP: Set a custom amount of players that may be logged in with the same IP address, this allows for the ability to block Spam bots.
  • Run BungeeCord & Spigot: You can run both BungeeCord and Spigot plugins at the same time.
    BungeeCord: handles registering, logins, etc...
    Spigot: handles movement,potions,teleportation,etc...
  • Premium player system: Premium players do not have to /register or /login, they will be sent to a lobby, or to the lobby if they are configured.
    *(This can be enabled or disabled)*
  • Legacy Check (Name Spoof) protection: nulled players cannot login with a premium players name.
    Also, Let's say a fake player logged in with the name "Zumorik," and registers on the server. Later on a Premium player changes his or her name to "Zumorik," and logins into the server. Instead of logging in automatically, the player will require to enter the password the fake player created with that name. This feature stops premium players from stealing offline player accounts. (This can be disabled)
  • Return to Server: After logging in the player can be sent back to the server which they logged off from (Configurable)
  • Auth Server (Configurable/Optional!): Ability to enable or disable weather or not to use a auth login server!
  • Multi BungeeCord support: You can run our plugin in multiple bungeecord instances(Servers) that connect to the same servers!
  • Built in MoveMeNow like system: Redirects the player back to lobbies if a server goes down.
  • Multi Lobby/Server support: The Spigot/Bukkit version can be installed on any server, and you can configure more than one lobby with player balancers! (You can also just have one lobby and multi auth servers, or just one of each!)
  • Built in spigot server protection: upload the plugin to your spigot servers and use it to validate whether or not a player has logged in with your bungeecord(s).
  • Spigot server legal connection log: If a player logins in without using your bungeecord, the plugin will kick them and log the IP used and the player's name within a file located on your spigot server(s).
  • BungeeCord online mode + offline mode support (Configurable): You do not need to set your bungeecord to offline mode to run our plugin! Our plugin will imitate a offline bungeecord but will actually be an online bungecord! (Protection)
    Yes, the plugin can be placed in a offline mode bungeecord and will function the same way.
  • No move: Players will not be able to move until they login (Requires both spigot and bungeecord plugins to be enabled)
  • Blindness: Players will not be able to see until they login (Requires both spigot and bungeecord plugins to be enabled)
  • No PvP and Interact: Players will not be able to interact or pvp until they login (Requires both spigot and bungeecord plugins to be enabled.)
  • Sessions: nulled players will not need to /login for X minutes after the logout and log back in. (Configurable.)
  • Cache: This will lower the amount of requests sent to the mojang API, this allows login to be faster. The cache will also cache nulled/offline players to make login faster (Cache clears every 15 minutes)
  • Spawn Teleportation: When a player logs in they will teleport to a specific point.
  • Multi Auth Server Player Balancer: This feature allows you to balance the amount of players on each login/auth server. (Configurable)
  • Premium and nulled Player lobbies: This feature allows you to seperate your nulled and premium players with specific lobbies (Premium lobby,nulled player lobby) with the ability to balance them or add more than one for each
  • Multi Lobby Server Player Balancer: This feature allows you to balance the amount of players on each lobby server
  • Staff IP Manager: Set a player name with an ip address within the new config, the player must have the ip address that's in the config to login. (This feature keeps hackers from logging into a staff players main account.)
  • Always send to Lobby (Configurable): This feature will always send all players to lobby on connect, works with both auth/lobby servers (If user needed to login or register they are sent to the auth server then lobby)
  • Premium players keep their skins: Premium players will not loose their skins within any of the servers.
    (Bungeecord must be set to true for this function to work)
  • Offline/Online UUID Support: Players UUIDS will remain the same!Offline-mode changes: Will allow fake players to login with premium player names Online-mode changes: Will allow fake players to login with fake player names, but not real player names (e.g. Zumorik)
  • UUIDS will stay the same if you keep bungeecords online-mode the same: Players will not loose anything such as inventories, etc..
  • MAX registered Accounts per IP: Some one can only register X amount of accounts on a ip address (Configurable)
  • 3 Password Encryption Types:SHA512, and Default
    Default - Hash and Salt
    Sha512 - Our version of Sha512
    Sha-512 - Default Sha-512 encryption
  • Commands blocked until login: Players cannot run commands until they login!
  • Ban specific passwords: Disable simple passwords such as 123, abc, etc (create your own list of blocked passwords within the blacklist.yml)
  • Deny logins that are not from your BungeeCords: Install the DynamicBungeeAuth jar inside your spigot servers to deny all legal Connection! (Connecting without YOUR bungeecord)
  • Register with email system: The player must verify or just set an email in order to register.
  • Email recovery System (HTML):
    Email can be changed to your own liking with HTML!
    All emails can be changed, removed, and edited.
  • Todo: Admin Panel (Should this be completed?)
    View: http://imgur.com/a/1RCXN

CONFIGURACION EN ESPANOL (http://pastebin.com/QcY4UFi4)



Updates are released every week even if there are only minor bug fixes.
If there are major bugs reported we will Quickly fix, and upload a fix the same day we get the report.
Also when you guys request a item to be added into the plugin we quickly begin to work on it, and get it ready for the weekly release.


  1. Install the jar within your BungeeCord server
  2. Restart BungeeCord
  3. Enter the config file for the plugin
  4. Configure your MySQL Database
  5. Begin setting the settings you will require
    Each setting will have a explanation beside it to explain what each one does and how to configure it.
  6. Restart BungeeCord
  7. Also go inside your spigot servers spigot.yml and set bungeecord: true
    Also within your bungeecord config enable force default server and set your priorities as the same LobbyServer set within your DBA plugin.
  8. If you want to allow premium players to login automatically, set online-mode: true, the plugin will manage nulled players for you.
    (Do not set modifyPremiumNameCheck, this is an experimental feature for developers that create their own login mechanisms)
  1. Install the jar within your Spigot server
  2. Restart Spigot Server
  3. Enter the data file for the plugin
  4. Configure your MySQL Database
  5. Begin setting the settings you will require
    Each setting will have a explanation beside it to explain what each one does and how to configure it.
  6. Restart Spigot Server

  • /register - Create a account within the plugin.
  • /login - Login to your account.
  • /auth - version check.
  • /setspawn - Set the spawnpoint within the auth/login server (Requires OP.)
  • /loginreload - Reload the data file (Requires OP.)
  • /verify <code> - Email verification system.
  • /forgotpassword - sends an email if you forgot your password (requires a SMTP server.)
  • /changepw - change your password
  • /authadmin - auth admin help page.
  • /authadmin forcelogin <player> force login a player even if they are not registered.
  • /authadmin unregister <player> unregister a player, even if they are not online.
  • /authadmin register <player> <password> <password>
  • /authadmin clearcache - clears the login cache that keeps UUIDS , premium names, and nulled names stored
  • Auth Admin commands require the permission: auth.admin on bungeecord.

  1. Java 8
  3. MySQL Database: If you are experiencing lag the issue will be with the MySQL Database you are using.
  4. The plugin was designed for BungeeCord networks, a bungeecord server is required.

Report bugs and issues by:
Sending me a Private message, or discussion. Please note i will not use Skype support due to recent events. You may also use the Atomic Cloud Network (ACN) To contact me as well, Before you do report an issue please make sure you followed each command and setup in-order.

Si, puedo hablar español


  • Are there any Importers?
    I have looked into creating the converter, however, it seems that using the converter will cause issues with passwords, and even password safety. Also allowing players to recreate their passwords will allow them to either create safer, or more secure passwords. In-conclusion with creating a new password, or using their original password the passwords will be encrypted, and stored safer, allowing better community satisfaction.
  • Does this plugin support multiple bungeecords?
    Yes, it can even support RedisBungee
  • Can you add any more databases?
    For now we will only use MySQL, we will be implementing Redis soon.
  • Does the plugin allow premium players skins to appear?
    Yes, the plugin will allow premium player skins to appear.
  • I get a failed session login, what is this?
    This only occurs when a fake player attempts to login with a premium players name. (This will not be configurable in the next updates)
  • How does the cache work?
    The cache temporarily stores UUIDS for 15 minutes allowing fast player logins. We also cache nulled/offline player names for 15 minutes allowing to a lower amount of calls made to the Mojang API.
  • How many APIS do you guys use?
    We currently use two apis, MojangAPI and mcAPI allowing for fast player connections!
  • Will you guys remove database support such as MySQL?
    Unfortunately we cannot remove MySQL or any database type added in the future.
  • Are you guys adding more encryption types?
    Yes, we are currently working on an API that will allow us to use more than the current encryption types (feel free to contact us for more information)
  • How do i run this plugin with good performance?
    We do not recommend running this plugin on normal minecraft server hosts unless they provide you with MYSQL hosting, or you have your own. We recommend running this plugin on a stable VPS or dedicated server, as this plugin is designed to run on large networks.
DynamicBungeeAPI.getCore() -> Complete access to internal code

See the rest of the API here: Click me

Report bug: Click me
Suggest an idea: Click me

By Purchasing this plugin you agree to the following terms:
  1. You will not :) the plugin to anyone or any website
  2. If you have any issues you will report them BEFORE posting any reviews on the "DynamicBungeeAuth" plugin.
  3. (Report them in the discussion or Private message me.)
  4. All Purchases are Final (No refunds)
  5. No modifying the DynamicBungeeAuths code/source (Without direct permission)
  6. You will not post our source code online or offline any website
  7. You can Run DynamicBungeeAuths on any network/server you OWN and not owned by anyone else.
  8. You understand that these terms may update at any given time.
  9. Break these terms and you will not get any support from any of the developers, or support will be limited.

Copyright © DynamicJk 2017 All rights reserved.

XYZ-Hosts - Official recommended host of DynamicBungeeAuth!

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