ULTIMATE dtlTradersPlus 5.1.10

A better way to trade! For Citizens(2).

  1. Kate
    dtlTraders was created to easily setup admin shops for your server.
    Make and manage your shops with a GUI. Seriously, no hassle with configs and commands ;)

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    • Easy way to setup and manage shops using a GUI
    • Make/edit your shops just by drag and drop
    • 3 types of shops: 'Sell', 'Buy' and 'Trade'
    • 2 types of item content: 'static' and 'trade'
    • 1 powerful trader type: "trader" (/trait trader) bind the dtlTraders shops with citizens(2) NPC's
    • Support of vanilla and custom NBT/DataTags
    • NBT/DataTags makes custom item from 3rd party plugins possible
    • Advanced users can customize there own items using the configs.
    • Allows stack trades
    • ANY economy plugin support
    • Compatible with spigot/bukkit 1.8 - 1.14.x
    • Change descriptions and names of your items
    • Add trading limitation on items like "Limits"
    • Customize your shops with "default shop" and "toggle shops"
    • Adjust shop interaction with "custom input amount" and "stack shift"
    • Make your rank based shops with custom "permissions"
    • More navigation buttons and GUI modules with a aim to "One GUI"
    If you don't want to spend money :cry:, you can still use the free version that has all the features listed above, download it right here: www.4Creation.pro/dtltraders

    Features of dtlTradersPlus:
    • Make your shop bigger by adding more pages
    • Set a command to open the shops without need to interact with a NPC
    • Bring the shop function to a next level, set commands on items you sell
    • 2 types of commands on items function: 'Buy and Run' and 'Buy and Keep (run it later)'
    • And you can do all of it just using a GUI
    • All the features of dtlTraders (non premium version)
    • Use 3 command executors "as OP", "as Player" and "as Console"
    • Copy between shoptypes or shops using "Mirror shop"
    • Get real shop experience with the "discount" function
    Screenshots of premium features:
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Buying the premium version, helps US continue working on future updates for both versions dtlTraders and dtlTradersPlus. :coffee:

    • Download dtlTraders(Plus).jar and place it into your plugins folder. Since the recreation version "5.0.0" you need to delete the dtltraders folder! (shops created with older versions are automatic converted!)
    • Download Citizens (Citizens2) and place that into your plugins folder as well.
    • You also need Vault and ANY economy plugin.
    • Start your server.
    • Installation is done.
    Note: If you want to convert again , check the Documentation and go to the section converter for more.
    Simple guide:
    • Create or add trait trader's to a npc with the GUI /dtltraders trait
    • Make your shops using /dtltraders create "name"
    • Add the items in your inventory that you want to sell in the shop
    • Manage/edit shops content using /dtltraders edit or /dtltraders trait
    • In the edit options you can drag/drop items, set prices, set limits, set names and much more .
    • After finish, right click on the NPC and choose the shop you want to hook into.
    • You are done :)

    /dtltraders shorter aliases: /dtl and /traders

    Video tutorial:
    This is a tutorial we made for dtlTraders 'V5.0.0' and above, we guide you there for a fresh installation and you get answers by upgrading from the older versions:

    Video tutorial is not ready yet!

    ☊ Versions:
    Did you know that dtlTraders(Plus) V5.0.0 and above supports bukkit/spigot version 1.8 - 1.14.x ?
    If you need a older version than 1.8 you can download it:
    We only give support for versions started with V5.0.0 !

    Contact or Issues:
    For questions or suggestions:
    For issues:

    Terms Of Service: When purchasing dtlTraders+ you agree that you didn't buy the plugin only for features proposes but also by supporting future updates that are rolling out for both versions (free & premium). Charging backs are not allowed in this case!
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    Version: 5.1.10
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