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SUPPORTER ChatControl Red 10.1.8

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Recommended by Mick, founder of MCMarket:

Tested for over 30-days by 100+ testers before release to ensure bug-free:


This is NOT ChatControl Pro from Spigot. This is the new
generation ChatControl Red replacing the Pro edition.

Free upgrades are offered to collaborators and recent buyers of ChatControl Pro.

See this link for more information.

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How Can ChatControl Transform Your Server?

Six Layered Anti-Spam Destroys Spam 7 Days A Week

We have the most sophisticated anti-spam protection you ever find in a chat plugin. One that's ridiculously simple to set up, yet unbelievably hard to bypass.
  1. Prevent sending too fast messages/commands.
  2. Block similar messages/commands.
  3. Block repetitive messages such as "t", "hello", "t", "hello" etc.
  4. Time frame limit to cap maximum amount of messages in the last X seconds.
  5. Adaptive warning points to punish spamming depending on its severity.
  6. Code your own rules (without Java knowledge) to filter all sorts of spam (such as "heeeello" or "he..llo") and any words such as "this server is ****".


In addition, our anti-spam works anywhere, even outside your server:
  • DiscordSRV is supported! Prevent spam, swears and ads on your Discord channels automatically!!
  • Non-English servers are supported. We even automatically remove accents (áäô) to prevent bypassing checks. Even Russian, Japanese, Chinese etc. will work with anti-spam.
  • Whitelist and blacklists. Every section can have exceptions and you can turn them into both a whitelist and a blacklist.

Chat Channels And Beautiful Chat Formatter

Completely customize every aspect of your chat. Change how every message looks like. Display different parts in messages for different players, and give your server a completely new look.
  • Create chat rooms to isolate your chat (e.g. "admin" channel, "bungee" channel, "trade" channel)
    • FULL BungeeCord and DiscordSRV support.
  • 2-modes of ranged chat are supported:
    • Talk to players in a distance around you, or
    • Talk to all players on your world (you can link multiple worlds together).
  • Interactive formats so you can show tooltips, click on text, run commands or even open books. JSON support included.
  • 1000s of variables are supported. You can pick from our own ones, install PlaceholderAPI, or code new ones directly within ChatControl — even if you barely know how to code!
  • Start your message with a special character to send it to another channel such as "?help" or "!" to send it to global chat (with the help of rules).
  • Simple conditions to build phenomenal chat formats that show different parts — if player is chatting from Discord, from BungeeCord, if he's vanished, spying, or when sending message from console!
  • Admin chat and bungee global chat and many more default examples of channels!


And also cool bonus features, such as:

  • Gradients support for MC 1.16+:
  • Let players use variables in chat: "I hold an [item]"
  • Remove any chat message with a simple click on the [X] prefix - works for BungeeCord and Discord, too! (You can also remove ALL messages from a player, even after he disconnected!)
  • Automatically join players into channels.
Insanely Powerful Rules
  • Replace 20+ other plugins you use with ONE that's way more powerful, customizable and ridiculously simple using powerful regular expressions!
  • Filter curse/swear words, with TON of default words blocked by default
  • IP/URL advertisements blocking
  • Anti-spam and repetitive characters (heeeeeey) blocking
  • Correct typos, slang, basically ANYTHING you desire (non-English servers fully supported)
  • Block special characters that can crash your server or bypass curse/ad filters.
  • Create new commands like /ping!
  • Chat-bots! Yes, use rules to make auto-replying bots!
  • Design your entire help system using rules. Players can even click your messages to open books.
  • Send commands and staff warnings to BungeeCord and Discord.
  • Log ads or swears to file/MySQL.
  • Command delays and cooldowns (you can now ditch your cooldown plugin!)
ChatControl comes with over 50 ready-made curse words and an extremely powerful ad blocking rules already setup!

Rules can change any message on your server, even those from another plugins:


You can even create your own commands and forward existing commands into new aliases:

You can even design your entire help system using rules and prevent players contacting you:


Rules can also be used to create emojis or any special characters you desire :)

Use rules anywhere:
  • Standard rules: Rules work on chat, commands, books, anvil and signs.
  • Packet rules: You can also edit messages from any other plugin or the server itself using packet rules!
  • Nicks rules: Rules can also filter player tags to prevent setting abusive nicks/prefixes/suffixes.

Silence bad players without them knowing:
  • SILENT message cancellation. Make the spammer think everyone saw his spam, while in reality only he saw it and staff was alerted — even if staff is on another server or offline.

Custom Chat Color And Decoration

  • Allow players to set any color or decoration in their chat messages.
  • RGB support using HEX codes for Minecraft 1.16+.
  • Beautiful GUI and powerful admin interface to manage other players.

Nicks, Player Prefixes And Suffixes
  • Let players choose their nick, prefix or suffix!
  • List all players who set a nick, even if they're offline or on BungeeCord!
  • Change tab-list name.
  • Tab-complete support for nicks.
  • PREVENT abusive or impersonating nicknames.
You can let players chose their nick, and create a format showing it in gradient colors (MC 1.16+ required):

Chat Bots
  • Use rules to save any player data and create new commands (like Skript!) so you can code your own mini-plugin and bot without Java knowledge or installing another plugin!
  • Code your own auto-responder: "How do I claim land?" and the bot responds "Hey kangarko, click [here] to see our guide!"
  • You can create an entire help system and /help land command using ChatControl!
You can create simple chat bots and give players automatic help:

Private Messages
  • With full BungeeCord support for /tell and /reply, including tab-completion.
  • Auto-conversation mode to avoid typing /reply all the time.
  • Social spy for moderators to watch conversations.
  • Allow players to /ignore others so they can't message them (admins will still be able to message them).
  • Allow players to disable receiving private messages (admins will still be able to message them).
  • Toast notifications!
  • Notify when messaging AFK players (Essentials and CMI is supported).

Sound Notifications
  • Tag players in chat! "Hello @kangarko"
  • This will make the tag colorized and send the player an optional sound!
  • Automatically restore to previous color such as "&cHello @kangarko how are you?" will print "how are you?" in red if your sound notify color is yellow, etc.

Unbelievable Join, Quit And Death Messages
  • Create advanced join, quit, kick and death messages in minutes!
  • All messages are made using our powerful rules system itself, so you can code literally anything you desire even without Java experience, [proof].
  • Supports advanced death messages such as death by trident, dolphin, ender pearl, potion, Mythic Mob and Boss.

Timed Message Broadcaster
  • Create announcer groups with different messages for VIPs and admins, different worlds.
  • Use /chc region to create 3D areas in your world where you will broadcast different messages — such as spawn arenas can have different timed announcements shown.
  • Per-world broadcasts.
  • Run any command (even on BungeeCord) when sending a message.
  • Use JavaScript conditions to show/hide certain broadcasts.
  • Players can toggle broadcasts they do not want to see, if you allow them to do so.

Announce Network-Wide Messages
  • Broadcast messages to everyone on your server or BungeeCord.
  • Send chat, title with subtitle, action bar, boss bar or toast.
  • Show any png or jpg image — using RGB colors on MC 1.16+.
  • Play a sound to players.
  • Allow players to opt-out of receiving announcements.


Clear Chat, Network Or Console
  • Clear your entire server, BungeeCord network or the console.
  • Anonymous or silent clearing modes.
  • Staff members with permission won't get their chat cleared.

Mute Players, Channels Or Entire Server
  • Mute a player, a chat channel or the entire server for a certain duration and a customizable reason!
  • BungeeCord is supported!

  • Spying allows to see messages, commands, private messages, books, renamed items and more from other players.
  • BungeeCord is supported.
  • Staff members can have spying excluded or automatically enabled when they join.

Anti Bot
  • Prevent re-logging in too quickly (you can make VIP players bypass this)
  • Block chat and commands until the player has actually moved (not just rotating, but actually walking). You can make admins bypass this too!
  • Block vulgar/illegal/impersonating from joining your server.
  • Filter books that can crash your server and notify staff.
  • Prevent auto-sign hack that places multiple signs with the same text.

Anti Caps
  • Prevent excessive UPPERCASE letters in message.
  • Configure percentage, caps in a row.
  • We ignore player names by default.

Console Filter
  • Remove ANY message from spamming your console (yes, even other plugins or the server itself)!

Anti-Cheat And Exploit Prevention
  • Prevent hacked clients placing duplicated signs with the same text.
  • Prevent crashing your servers with invalid book characters or oversized books.

Tab-Complete Control
  • Completely control what commands (or what parts of them) can players tab complete.
  • Prevent revealing sensitive server information by tab-completing, such as in "/" or "/ver" or "/plugins"!

Listing Network Players With Ease
  • Incredibly customizable listing of players on your server, or BungeeCord network.
  • Sort players by your own customized key, such as group, prefix or warning points.

Mail And Auto-Responder System
  • Send mails to online or even offline players using books.
  • Auto-responder to automatically reply to mails when you're on vacation or don't want to be disturbed!
  • You can allow players to opt-out of receiving mails.

Regions With Different Rules In Worlds
  • Create special 3D regions (like Residence) in your worlds where you apply different rules, such as apply stricter anti-spam rules in PvP arenas or your spawn area.

Player Can Toggle What They Want
  • Let players enable/disable parts of ChatControl such as:
    • seeing timed message broadcasts (yes, they can even disable WHICH announcements they don't want to see such as "promotions", "server-updates" etc.),
    • private messages,
    • toasts,
    • and much more!

Machine Learning Warning Points System
  • ChatControl monitors how players behave and automatically gives them warning points for violating certain actions — highly customizable!
  • Machine adapted points so that we give more points the higher the violation, dynamically for each player using equations and math you can edit!
  • Edit/set/remove points for offline players or players on BungeeCord.

Log Anything
  • Log everything that's happened in the game, even when you're offline!
  • Read logs in-game!
  • Save logs to MySQL to combine logs from your entire BungeeCord network!
  • Automatically clean old logs past a configurable time frame.
  • If you have a web developer, you can even show logs on your website.

  • Send message of the day automatically when the player joins.
  • Different message for first-join players or newcomers.

  • Insert a dot at the end of a player's message automatically.
  • Capitalize the first letter of every sentence.
  • Bypass permission so VIP or staff won't have their message edited.

Newcomer Features
  • Special settings for new players!
  • You specify how much time spent on the server must a player have in order to be categorized as newcomer or not.
  • Newcomers (can) have the following apply to them:
    • Different greeting message when they log-in.
    • Disabled sending chat messages (whitelist supported).
    • Disabled sending commands (whitelist supported).
    • Disabled seeing messages from other players!
    • Worlds in which the newcomer feature function, so you can disable all limitations instantly when your players go to a different world.


30-Day No Questions Asked Refund Guarantee
If you're absolutely not delighted with the quality of our product, you owe us absolutely nothing. Contact us at and we'll refund you in full. You can go ahead and try it, you have absolutely zero risk.

And if something is broken or misleading on this page, we either fix it or your money back!

Insane BungeeCord Support
  • Tab-complete over your entire network!
  • All commands support BungeeCord. Period.
  • All data is automatically updated (such as nicks, mails, vanish status etc.)

Best In Class Compatibility
  • Insane MC 1.2.5 to the latest version support. See requirements below.
  • Frustration-free sound, material names etc. They always change, but we support all variants so you never have to learn new names again when Spigot decides to change them!

Smart And Intuitive
  • Contrary to most plugins, ChatControl has many frustration-free systems (read this whole page) that'll make your life a cake and save hours trying to fix a broken system.
  • List all permissions in game with /chc perms!
  • Send us your configuration if you need help with /chc debug!
  • Hover your mouse over all /chc help commands to see examples and usages.
  • If you're vanished, we tell players you are offline and disable sound notify and other features for you (admin can still PM you, for example).
  • You can use simple conditions to build phenomenal chat formats that show different parts if player is chatting from Discord, from BungeeCord, if he's vanished, or when sending message from console!

Made By A Person With 9 Years Of Java Experience
  • 95% of ChatControl was developed by the original author exclusively.
  • I have had the amazing privilege of coding Java for almost a decade now and worked with some of the largest MC networks. My vision when building ChatControl is to build the world's greatest chat management software for everyone, not for just those networks.
  • Quality and Swiss-like punctuality will always be at the forefront of my values. What you are getting is a hand-crafted masterpiece of software.

VIP And Staff Bypasses
  • Create custom player groups such as "moderator" or "vip" that have ChatControl behave differently to them, such as different chat delay etc.
  • Extensive bypass permission system - you can view all permissions in game with /chc perms command!

JavaScript Variables And Conditions
  • Use 1000s of variables from PlaceholderAPI, our own or create new ones!
  • Relational placeholders are supported: such as players see their enemies in red whereas enemies see the same players in gray etc.
  • Supports {variable} and %variable% syntax.
  • Frustration-free no-trailing-space variables! Add + in front or at the end of any variable and we'll add space to it if the variable is not empty.
    • Such as "{faction+}" will print "Knights kangarko" but if the player has no faction, it will print "kangarko" without the annoying trailing space (" kangarko")!

Lightning Fast MySQL Database
  • Player data, logs and mails can be stored on MySQL.
  • You can so pull the data on your website to show anything you desire on your web (coding skills needed)!
  • All requests are done async, so even 100,000 database entries (we've tried it!) won't lag your server.

Top Class Discord Support
  • Filter messages on Discord.
  • Connect any channels, even if they are named differently.
  • Send any messages to any Discord channel using "then discord" in rules and messages.

RGB color support with gradients (Minecraft 1.16+)
  • Players can even set their custom chat color with HEX codes.
  • Any formats can have color gradients automatically set.

Customize Every Message
  • Over 700 messages and customizable into any language, from English to Chinese, Greek, Czech etc.
  • Completely hide that you're running ChatControl and remove all banners and references to our plugin in-game!

Change All Commands, Even Native Ones
  • Your server is unique and you want unique commands like /helpop, /adminchat, /nick or /whatever. Easy with ChatControl!
  • See this link for a tutorial.
  • You're able to change ANY commands even those inbuilt in the plugin like /chc or /channel into for example /myserver or /mychannel etc.!

Disable Or Change Any Feature
  • Legendary ability to change ANYTHING is back.
  • Over 1000 lines of configuration for true unique capabilities.

Send Title, Action Bar, Boss Bar, Toasts, Even Open Books!
  • Simply prefix your message with <title>, <toast>, etc. to send it in a different way, see here!
  • Create books with /chc book and then open them in your own help system you design — you will find a complete copy-paste setup for this in the plugin!

Center Messages With <center>
  • Automatically center any message by putting <center> in front of it, see here!

JSON Fully Supported
  • Prefix any message with [JSON] and it will accept the raw json input, see here!

Finally, A Frustration-Free Configuration
  • Fully-automatic config update so you don't have to reset your settings when you download a new version.
  • Comments in settings are retained and updated when you download a new version!
  • If you reload the plugin, for many errors we won't crash the entire plugin so you can fix your settings and reload it again.
  • Useful error messages you will understand and save time.
  • Any whitelist can be turned into blacklist (or reversed).

Non-Obfuscated, Full Developer API
  • ChatControl Red is no longer obfuscated, so you can hook into EVERY part of the plugin frustration-free!
  • We have custom events so you can edit channel messages, private messages, social spy, sound notify, rules filtering messages and much more!

Blazingly Fast And Super Safe
  • Many plugin's operations are automatically measured and you'll be notified if they take too long.
  • Rules that take too long to evaluate are stopped automatically to prevent freezing your server.
  • You can view everything that's happening under the hood using our simple debug system.


Java 8 or greater
Minecraft 1.2.5 (yes, the one from 2012) or greater: 1.7.10, 1.8.8, 1.12.2, 1.16.4 etc etc. (see above)
Vault plugin

  • Minecraft 1.2.5 will lacks a lot of features simply because they haven't existed back then. We simply aim to support the bare-minimum for Technic Classic servers, contact us to get 1.2.5 working for your server.
  • Minecraft 1.7.10 and lower requires BungeeChatAPI library installed.
  • You must use the latest minor version such as 1.16.4 not 1.16.0 etc.
  • MySQL database is required for BungeeCord.
For our full compatibility guide, please see [this] quick article.


We support AuthMe by hiding the quit message if player is not logged in.

Muted players won't be able to chat in channels. You may need to adjust your Listener Priority first.

Boss and MythicMobs
You can print customized death messages, see Messages at the bottom, if player was killed by a Boss.

Support for afk, vanish status, and a few other features.

Connect your channels with Discord and send any message to any Discord channel.

Essential plugin to get players' data such as ranks, groups, prefixes, suffixes and permissions.

Support for afk, vanish status, and a few other features.

Factions, FactionsX or FactionsUUID
Support for party chat, see Channels.

Support for party chat, see Channels.

Spying for party chat and support for party chat, see Channels.

We use world name aliases from Multiverse-Core in the {world} variable.

Full support for all placeholders, see Variables.

Support for party chat, see Channels.

Support for removing chat messages with [X], see Channels.

Towny and TownyChat
Spying on towny chat and support for party chat, see Channels.

That's not it! We support a lot more plugins than that, thanks to Vault, you can see what Vault supports here:

Why Premium Again Aka Why Repurchasing
I want to keep ChatControl alive, but as things are it would not be possible for me to keep it going.

Republishing ChatControl Red as a new premium plugin was not taken lightly. It was even free and open source during the beta, and right now I am offering it to you at a price of less than 3 coffees. Couple of reasons:

#1 — This is not an upgrade. Unlike ChatControl 7 or 8, this is a complete rewrite. It's not like I spent a few days throwing a bunch of code over ChatControl 8 and now want to make a quick buck forcing people to repurchase... I spent the last 9 months and literally threw everything away and rebuilt the software from the ground up working with 50+ private testers, proof, and we've spent weeks adding hundreds of improvements to the beta version, proof. It has nothing to do with the old ChatControl, not a single line of code has been recycled. This is not a Windows 8 to Windows 8.1 upgrade, this is Windows to MacOS upgrade but we still call it ChatControl... You're not investing into an update, you're investing into a transformation. This is the first time since 2015 and the only time I am republishing a plugin under the same name, and the last time.

#2 — ChatControl 8 was maintained by someone else for a period and most of purchases starting December 2019 went to its developer.

#3 — Little praise and less than 7 donations were raised since 2015 when I published the first paid version for $3.50. ChatControl, for most of this time, is a single-man team and tons of people who purchased 5 years ago are still getting free help on our channels. By offering a paid upgrade I am able to to help people more effectively and support higher quality updates than what would otherwise be spent in corporate jobs.

#4 — Everyone who purchased ChatControl Pro (generation 8.x.x) starting November 16th, 2020 and later can obtain ChatControl Red for free, simply send your SpigotMC name over to and you'll be manually added promptly.

#5 — You will be able to completely hide that you're running ChatControl and remove and edit everything in /chc and /channel commands. Over 700 messages are editable!

How Can I Get Support? (Pre-Sale / Post-Sale)
Support is provided exclusively on GitHub:

Opening an account there is extremely simple and you can ask us literally anything in less than 2 minutes.

NOTE: Please know that we're a tiny team and aim to reply to all tickets 1-5 days. I am not ignoring you and will get back to you as soon as possible, but if you are not willing to respect that then please do not purchase this plugin.

Can I upgrade From ChatControl Free Or Pro?
Upgrading from ChatControl Pro
We offer almost automatic migration from ChatControl Pro. And if you purchased ChatControl Pro starting November 16th, 2020 and later, simply email us at and we'll give you a free upgrade. To update your files, simply follow the instructions [here].

Upgrading from ChatControl Free
We'd love you to jump on board and use ChatControl! However, due to the amount of massive changes, you'll have to rename your folder and let ChatControl generate a new one for you.

You'll be able however, to understand a lot of settings at first sight so migration should not take too long. And you will be able to copy your hard-created rules into the new rules files with some (smaller) edits (such as handlers.yml are now in rules/

Terms Of Service
Upon purchasing you agree to ChatControl's Terms Of Service as well as Terms Of Service.

ChatControl Pro Vs. ChatControl Red
ChatControl Red differs itself from its previous generation in both features, performance and stability. During the five years since the plugin was available as premium, the entire core has been rewritten in Red to optimize performance and stability. It is written according to my latest knowledge and coding standards, based on thousands of customers questions, complaints and ideas.


Need help? Ask questions?
Click here to send us a message.

We aim to reply to all customers within 1-5 business days.

If you appreciated the hard work I've been putting into ChatControl for the last seven years, the least you could do is write a few kind words in a ★★★★★ review.

I read every single review and it really means a lot!
Thank you.

Sincerely Yours,
First release
Last update
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