Auto Sync | Synchronize Server Build 12

Mindlessly synchronize your server files across your network.

  1. mixerovec


    AutoSync is a plugin every server network should have. It allows administrators to list files in a database, that will then be always synchronised with all the other servers running the plugin. Every file can also be attached with a command that will be executed upon its synchronisation, so reloading configurations after modifying a file gets as easy as it can be.

    Any SQL Database
    Same Timezone Servers

    /autosync add <file> [command] allows you to add files to the synchronised queue.
    /autosync remove <file> allows you to remove files from the synchronised queue.
    /autosync list allows you to list all files in the synchronised queue.
    /autosync reload allows you to reload the configuration and plugin cache.

    autosync.admin gives you all permissions.
    autosync.reload allows you to execute the command /autosync reload.
    autosync.add allows you to execute the command /autosync add.
    autosync.remove allows you to execute the command /autosync remove.
    autosync.list allows you to execute the command /autosync list.

    The configuration will allow you to change various settings, set the messages to your likings, and manage the connection to the database.

    Compatibility Information
    This plugin is developed to run on Spigot, Bukkit, and Paper. Any other server types may work but are not supported.

    Developer API

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  1. Tochka98
    Version: Build 5
    1. mixerovec
      Author's Response
      You're welcome
  2. coblo
    Version: BuIld 4
    Works well, this guy is my friend and he just bought the plugin. If you want this plugin in your server you should download. :)
    1. mixerovec
      Author's Response
      Thank you, friend