FREE Aurelium Skills | Advanced Skills, Stats, Abilities, and more Alpha 1.5.1

Advanced Skills, Stats, and Abilties plugin

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    Trulli Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.12
    • 1.13
    • 1.14
    • 1.15
    • 1.16
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    Languages Supported:
    English, Spanish, French, Indonesian, Chinese (Traditional)
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    Aurelium Skills

    Aurelium Skills introduces skills for players to level up and gain powerful rewards. Skills are uniquely integrated into an RPG style stat system. Each skill also includes many abilities that enhance the player in specialized ways. This plugin is inspired by and expands on ideas in mcMMO and Hypixel Skyblock. Aurelium Skills is insanely configurable and customizable, allowing you to tailor the experience to fit your server. What makes this plugin special is configurability for server owners, intuitiveness and seamlessness for players, and the growing amount of powerful features it has to offer. This plugin is great for many types of servers, including Survival, Skyblock, RPG, Factions, and more!

    Joining the discord gives you the fastest support, has the latest announcements, and is the best place to leave feedback and suggestions!​

    • 15 unique skills (Farming, Foraging, Mining, Fishing, Excavation, Archery, Defense, Fighting, Endurance, Agility, Alchemy, Enchanting, Sorcery, Healing, and Forging)
    • 6 powerful stats (Health, Strength, Regeneration, Luck, Wisdom, and Toughness)
    • Up to 5 abilities per skill
    • Fully configurable, interactive, and clean GUI inventory menus (Menus show skill/stat/ability levels, skill progress, skill rewards, descriptions, and more)
    • Mana and Mana Ability system
    • Stat modifier system for custom items and armor
    • Custom loot tables for Fishing and Excavation
    • Action Bar and Boss Bar
    • Complete Language and Messages support including per-player languages
    • Massive config file allowing you to change almost anything (See below for details)
    • Developer API
    • MySQL support
    • Supports: PlaceholderAPI (Tons of placeholders), Vault (Money level up rewards), WorldGuard (1.13+), HolographicDisplays (Damage indicators)
    No required plugin dependencies, however the plugin is only guaranteed to work on Spigot and Paper.

    There are a total of 15 different skills to level up, each of which has a unique combination of two stats that it rewards. (For example, Foraging primarily increases Strength, while secondarily increasing Toughness) All skills are easily viewable in the skills menu, and rewards are viewable in the level progression menu. The menu is opened using /skills

    Keep in mind that everything below can be changed! This is just the default.

    The main Skills Menu (/skills)

    Your Skills Item

    A Skill item in the Skills Menu

    The Level Progression Menu

    An item in the Level Progression Menu

    Rank item in the Level Progression Menu

    Stats are player-specific buffs that directly link into Skills in a very organized and logical way! There are a total of 6 unique stats:
    • Strength (Increases attack damage)
    • Health (Increases max health)
    • Regeneration (Increases health and mana regen speed)
    • Luck (Increase luck attribute and has double drop chance)
    • Wisdom (Increases experience gain, max mana, and decreases anvil costs)
    • Toughness (Reduces incoming damage)
    Every Skill has a unique combination of 2 stats that it levels up! View your stats using /stats

    Keep in mind that everything below can be changed! This is just the default.

    The stat skull item







    Configurability is a huge part of this plugin. What exactly is configurable and customizable?
    • XP source values (How much XP each different block/action gives)
    • GUI items, layout, names, lore format, fill item, and size
    • All messages, including commands, menus, action bar, boss bar, abilities names and descriptions, skill names and descriptions, stat names and descriptions, level up messages, and all colors in all messages (All of this can be different for each language)
    • How powerful each stat is (Ex: Conversion between Strength level to attack damage, Health level to HP, etc.)
    • How powerful each ability is (Base value and value per level)
    • Enable/disable any skill or ability
    • XP requirement equation (How much XP is needed to level up)
    • Default language and languages list
    • Items in loot tables (Supports enchantments and commands)
    • Specialized options for each skill and stat
    • Max levels for each skill, with no level cap
    All of the above and more make it easy to balance the plugin for your server and tailor the look and feel of the plugin to fit your server theme. Almost all of the configuration options do not require a restart and take effect immediately using /skills reload
    Wiki and Documentation
    Click here to view the Wiki and Documentation on Github

    You can find info about Configuration, Messages, Stats, Commands, Permissions, and Placeholders on the Wiki.