We take infringement of rights here at blackspigot VERY seriously.

While spigot plugins, server-setups, schematics, configurations, and clients cannot hold a valid/legal reason for takedown... there are plenty of things that do!

If you have a valid takedown complaint,
please send send a kindly worded email to
blackspigotabu[email protected]

Please DON'T BOTHER sending takedowns for the following...

-a SPIGOTMC premium plugin
-a .schematic file
-a world map/download
-a server setup
-a configuration file
-a modified client

Examples of things we do takedown...

-artwork (if you hold a valid claim to the artwork)
-illegally uploaded android apps
-mc-market plugins (ask nicely-we support small creators)
-personal information (dox)
-free SPIGOTMC plugins (ask nicely-if your work was reuploaded here)


We do not take responsibility for content hosted on outside sources.
We reserve the right to not take down posts or resources that link to copyrighted content on OTHER sites like Filedropper, Mega, anonfile.. etc...
Any and all content posted by the staff team is GIFTED to us by the users, and was not uploaded to an external source by us.
We take no responsibility for anything we post and we reserve the right to our users privacy.
The users and staff of this site have no knowledge of any illcit or illegal activities occuring on this site.
About a year ago, I sold some blackspigot user the files to my old 2015 era server 'Reunification FIGHT'. If you still have these files, i'll pay you a small sum for a copy as they are nostalgic to me. Thanks!
Someone recently DMed me and asked "Is play.blackspigot.com ever coming back online?".
About 6 months ago... we ran a pixelmon server under that domain, and it was ok but it bombed when some infighting broke out between me and the pixelmon community.
Anyways, I decided i'd take another shot at a community server for blackspigot.
We've got something in the works... and are looking for a bit of help.

If you think you can help with server development/building...
message our staff member XDhunterXD#9838
Discord: https://discord.gg/tdwenuQ
UPDATE 2.0 : In case you guys didn't realize, this is a joke.
We're just playing fun of MCM, and are not merging in any way. -WifiSpy

HOWEVER, we will still be uploading TONS of MCM plugins in the coming days.
~Stay tuned!

Update : We have posted the first batch of 15 never before uploaded MCM resources in the ultimate section. Purchase ultimate today!!!

Purchase Ultimate : https://bit.ly/2Hg2ckc
View Ultimate Resources : https://bit.ly/2SOhvCW


As of today, we will be shutting down MCM and teaming up with blackspigot.
All of the premium resources on MCM (All server setups, plugins, maps, everything!) will be uploaded directly to blackspigot as part of our partnership with WifiSpy!!!!

Enjoy The Uploads, and Fuck Spigot Developers.

~Your MCM staff team
UPDATE : You can now use your discord login to access our private server.

For a very long time, we have struggled with our discords getting suspended.


Introducing, the private blackspigot discord clone!

Sign up @ https://chat.blackspigot.com/ to chat with your fellow blackspigot users!

Special thanks to @Justis R for setting this up.
Thank You

For being patient with us.

We ran into some issues with our hosting...
And had alot of bad luck...



We offer you the best support we can so that you are satisfied with what you have purchased. Further updates are to be made and this service will be kept running for testing purposes. We made this service for testing antibots and to get revenge on others who hacked / threatned you.


Our Mission
We plan to help people test their antibot plugins and also down servers that threaten them. So far we have accomplished many of these and are continuing to grow.

Our Partnerships
If you have over 1k+ subs with active viewers, you can make a video on our service and we can provide you with the YouTuber plan.



On this amazing day, we hit 100,000 users!!!

I never thought we would achieve this.
I thank all of you for your support, your loyalty, and for sticking with the site throughout tough times.

I also especially thank the following users for making BSMC what it is.

-Ragnar Lothbrok
-Easton Johnson
-And many, many, MANY, MANY, More!!!

Furthermore, I'm sure you've already noticed the fancy new logo we put up.
This is to celebrate BlackSpigots 100k anniversary... and give us a fresh new look! Enjoy!


Below i've collected and assembled pieces of BlackSpigot history.

HAPPY 100k!!!
Old Logos



3k Users - Just Starting Out


5k users!!! Milestone!!! Notice our old dev coolman is online in the snap! :D


6k users!!! Notice the neat advertisements and the support we showed for our hosting company! (That we still use!!!)


8k users!!! Our hosting company ad is alot better now!!! We also have a discord!!!


12k users. This was when tensions on BSMC were rising. Notice OhYeah55 online. A few weeks after this photo he would betray BlackSpigot and form a new cruddy site with a bunch of ex staff.


After OhYeah55 defaced BlackSpigot, me and a group of loyal staff started working on fixing it. For a while, it was redirected to this WIX website.


Later, I redirected the site to this pastebin link!!! Notice how it has over 20k VIEWS!!! We were trending on pastebin for a while!


This was BSMC V 2.0, the way the site was right after defacement. We had a new staff, a new logo, and things were going well!


Around when we hit 25k users, we made the site look more professional.



Nearing our 1 year anniversary... I started crowdfunding for a special logo!


This is version one of the special logo!


Near Halloween, we unveiled the FULL version of our special 1 year anniversary logo! With a special Halloween twist!


After Halloween, we put up the final version of our logo. This logo remained until we hit 95k users and unveiled our super special 100k logo!!!


This is my old user icon!

For 2 years, and 100k users!!!

We hit 100.000 registered users on BlackSpigotMC, and damn, that's a big thing, a HUGE thing.
Hi Everyone reading this!
We are currently looking for stuff, either from SpigotMC or McMarket, so if you have any purchased plugins feel free to DM ME on Discord: SauronBSMC#5064 and give it to me for cracking and then publishing them.

Any Premium stuff is welcome, including plugins, maps, worlds, configs, servers, schematics, Scripts, Websites, Scripts, whatever that you bought/purchased.

We(I) are looking forward to hear from you.
NOTE: If you have more then 1 plugin or stuff, please send them in a zip or rar archive. Thanks :)
Thank you for your support.

Once again: DM me on Discord: SauronBSMC#5064

Also, we have an OFFICIAL Discord server: https://discord.gg/e9Z2Twt