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We do not take responsibility for content hosted on outside sources. If someone is DIRECTLY hosting copyrighted files on our site, contact us at [email protected], and we will take them down. We reserve the right to not take down posts that link to copyrighted content on OTHER sites, Ie. Filedropper, Mega, Etc... Any and all content posted by the staff team is GIFTED to us by users, and was not uploaded to an external source by us. We take no responsibility for anything we post and we reserve the right to our users privacy. The users and staff of this site have no knowledge of any illcit or illegal activities occuring on this site.
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Features :
-Access to the VIP plugin section, which includes...
ProdigyGadget Diamond
Crucial AntiCheat
Industrial MC
User-Posted Supporter Plugins

(And A few surprises :O)
-Access to the supporter forum
-Less limitations
-Ability to change name
-Ability to use an adblocker
-Amazing Blue supporter banner + name color
-Dedicated Plugin Support from me and the staff


It may take 24 hours to receive your supporter rank after purchasing, as we have to MANUALLY verify each purchase.
We do allow you to purchase donor ranks via BITCOIN!
If you are interested, message @WifiSpy.

Earlier today, a competitor decided to DMCA a link on github.
That link was a banlist, a banlist for our anti-releaking.
Anti-Releaking is basically the same as spigot antipiracy.
When a plugin is downloaded, it is injected with your blackspigot username, and code that allows us to disable all the plugins you have downloaded, if you were to share them on a competitor site. The process of doing so, is called releaking.
Sadly, by them taking down the github banlist, it disabled ALL the plugins downloaded in the past three months.
I have fixed this issue now, and moved the banlist to a new location where I promise you, it WILL NEVER GET TAKEN DOWN AGAIN.
All plugins downloaded from this point forward, will have NO PROBLEMS.

Sadly, this does mean that you will have to Re-Download ALL plugins you wish to use from BSMC, and that past plugins downloaded WILL NOT work.

If you have received this error, "[17:54:47] [Server thread/INFO]: Please contact BlackSpigotMC. 0x0"
It means, that you must re-download any plugins that you have on your server, that are from BSMC.

This really is nothing to freak out over, just re-download your leaked plugins, and everything will be fine.
I promise you, this cannot happen again.

PS : This only affects .jar file plugins. Things in zip folders, worlds, pre-made servers, maps, etc... are UNAFFECTED.

If you still have problems read the logs, before that line saying contact BSMC your server will try to load a plugin and will share a failure loading trying to connect to Spigot servers. That's the plugin you must re-download.

There's no way you still having this trouble if you re-downloaded all your plugins, if you still having them it means you're missing 1 or more plugins leaked here.
There is a POSSIBILITY that an error may soon occur that could disable all the plugins downloaded by users in the past two months. This has to do with code injected by our anti-releaking. This glitch has now been fixed, so any plugins downloaded from now on will work without problem.


Thank you for your understanding, and please keep in mind that this error may not even occur at all, so do not worry too much.

(PS : If any of the files you downloaded were in ZIP FILES, they are fine and there is no need to redownload)

This is the new BSMC anniversary logo!
More characters will be added soon!


Users in the logo :
@hotspot (no longer registered on site)

To Be Added :
@T0R (no longer registered on site)
@OhYeah55 (no longer registered on site)
@8BiTH4cKeR (ME!)

If you want to be in the logo, PM ME OR @WifiSpy... price to be included is $15 (It all goes to the artist).
If you have plugins on spigot that you would like to donate to us, PM ME for a MASSIVE reward!!!

You do not need to worry about getting into any trouble, as we guarantee to you that we will crack your plugins with excellence.


We are now hosting our first ever Resource Competition!
Whoever can post the most QUALITY resources, in the next week will receive ALL the donator ranks BlackSpigot has to offer!
Along with a SPECIAL top secret nulling tool!

What is a QUALITY resource you might ask?
It is a resource that...

A. Isn't already on BlackSpigot
B. Is nulled properly
and C. Has an ICON

To null resources properly, you need to remove your spigot ID from those resources.
Tutorials for that can be found here :

Cracking tools can be found here :
For ultimate users :
For regular users :

MAPS, Schematics, Hacked Clients, Pre-Made Servers, Custom Content, and other misc resources COUNT as long as they fit the rules!

Happy Uploading!

My name is
8BiTH4cKeR, and I am the new Head-Of-Staff for this website!
I am the leader of a 7 person team, four of which are now staff members here on BSMC.
The other 3 members will be joining the staff team shortly.
WifiSpy has been training us all for the past three months, in order to allow us to make BSMC better!
Each of our members has a specific role, so for now I will introduce to you the four members who are currently new to the BSMC team.

@Blixel is the new Head-Developer for BSMC, he will be providing updates to many of the more advanced plugins here.

@BabyTaiga is the new Global Moderator/Discord Manager for BSMC, she will be making sure the site stays clean, and that everything goes swell! She has already helped eliminate the spam issue!

@JapanGuy is the new Resource Moderator for BSMC, he will be making sure the resource section stays clean! He will also be updating many resources in the coming days.

And last but not least, there is me, @8BiTH4cKeR.
I am the head of staff for this new staff team, and I will be making sure this site becomes 100x better!
I will also be in charge of updating TONS of new resources!!!

As for the old staff...
@Java will remain doing his own thing, keeping the forums clean, posting some resources, etc...
@qtChan will remain a forum mod, and will continue being awesome at it!
@Josh will return to his staff position soon, and will follow java in keeping the forums clean, etc...
@Death_Dev will continue updating and creating AWESOME content for BSMC
And last but not least, @WifiSpy will continue managing the site, adding new website content, themes, and donator resources & material.

The other three members of the staff team will introduce themselves in the coming days, but for now... enjoy the resources!