MODPACK : https://www.technicpack.net/modpack/pixelmon-reforged.1150447

▲Pixelmon Reforged
▲Minecraft 1.12.2

Server Features
▲ 2x Pokemon Spawn rates
▲ NPC Gym Leaders
▲ Custom Ev Trainers
▲ Shiny Starters
▲ Daily Vote Rewards
▲ Increased Shiny/Legend Spawn Rate
▲ Grief Preventon
▲ Amazingly Stable Economy
▲ Super Friendly Staff
▲ Wondertrade



To apply please leave your discord name & ID (all four numbers!) on this thread with a brief bit of information as to who you are, what position you want, and why you are applying. We will CONTACT YOU!!

Example : WifiSpy/Dyu#5504 , I am applying for the role of developer because I love blackspigot and want to help you guys out! I am very experienced!

Positions :

-3 devs
-3 builders
-3 admins

-3 moderators
-2 helpers

Qualifications for developer :
-Must know how to setup, work with, and configure plugins.
-Must have some sort of pixelmon experience
-Must be
knowledgeable in sponge

Qualifications for builder
-Must be
knowledgeable in worldedit & preferably voxel
-Must know how to build without worldedit
-Builders will go through a build test & good ones will be hired

-Qualifications for admin
-Must have a donator rank here on blackspigot or be well known in the community
-Must have some administrative

-Must be over 16

-Qualifications for moderator
-Must have some activity on blackspigot
-Must be willing to learn
-Must be older than 14

-Qualifications for helper
-Must be willing to play constantly
-Must be willing to learn
-Must be atleast 13

We are seeking people who can code sponge plugins.
If you are able to code sponge plugins, leave your discord#1234 in the thread below.
We MIGHT pay you if you can do what we NEED.
PSA Welcome
Welcome to BlackSpigotMC

Run by WifiSpy with love <3
Bringing YOU hundreds of premium plugins since 1997
We work hard to keep the site up! Enjoy it!!
#BlackSpigot4Ever <3 Make sure to upload stuff!


-Legal Notice-
We do not take responsibility for content hosted on outside sources. If someone is DIRECTLY hosting copyrighted files on our site, contact us at [email protected], and we will take them down. We reserve the right to not take down posts that link to copyrighted content on OTHER sites, Ie. Filedropper, Mega, Etc... Any and all content posted by the staff team is GIFTED to us by users, and was not uploaded to an external source by us. We take no responsibility for anything we post and we reserve the right to our users privacy. The users and staff of this site have no knowledge of any illcit or illegal activities occuring on this site.

There WAS a slight rank delay because I was in the hospital for a few days.
Ranks are given out MANUALLY to prevent fraud, so some of you may have experienced a 2/3 day delay. I have given out all ranks & everything should be fine.
All rank purchases FROM NOW ON should be quite quick!

Thanks for the patience.
Anyone know any working 1.12.2 dupe glitches? Will REWARD YOU HEAVILY for one that is working. (NO ITEM FRAME OR ANYTHING EASILY FOUND ON GOOGLE PLZ). MSG Me on site or discord WifiSpy/Dyu#5504.
Hello everyone,

So as from 25.04.2018 it is NO LONGER allowed to review ANY resource asking for updates!!!!
It is straightly a REVIEW SECTION for reviewing if the resource works or not, and NOT for requesting updates.
Use "resource requests" section instead with the right format and the thread prefix "(AWAITING UPDATE)".
The Update Request format is available: CLICK HERE!
Failing to do so will result in a punishment and the deletion of your review.
We highly recommend that you follow this rule AT ALL TIMES, unless you would like to be punished.

We also have a new discord server: https://discord.gg/4sj73ZD

BlackspigotMC staff team.
So, as those of you who use our Discord may have noticed, the BSMC Discord completely disappeared.
You might be wondering why. You also might be wondering why our competitor's Discord also disappeared.

These events took place for one reason:
The discussion, linking to, and hosting of content related to piracy and DRM removal are all topics which break the Discord ToS. This being said, the removal of payment walls in Spigot plugins can be perceived as a form of piracy, hence breaking the ToS.

What we know happened:
Discord caught wind of the BSMC Guild and ran an investigation, finding us to be breaking the ToS.
Discord also caught wind of the competitor's Guild and ran a similar investigation to the same result.

Both Guilds are then shut down, and the founding accounts locked for breaches of the ToS.

What we think happened:
The competitor reported our Guild to Discord, leading to the BSMC investigation.
Someone reported the competitor Guild for the same reason, leading to their investigation.
Discord proceeded to terminate both Guilds and their owner accounts.

What comes next:
We have rebuilt the Discord with a few new rules:
The discussion, linking to, or hosting of content which does not abide by Discord ToS will not be hosted in the community Guild.
Breaking this rule will result in an immediate ban.​

The new Guild can be joined using the following permanent invite: https://discord.gg/zUuJZYz
From now on, non-donor users can VIEW the supporter & ultimate sections.
They cannot download from these sections, but they CAN view what is inside of them currently.
We hit 50,000 users... that is a thing.
Cool... :D